La Mer The Revitalizing Hydrating Serum

February 1, 2017

I will get back to Spring 2017 makeup collections soon, but there’s something that I’ve just been bursting to tell you about and it has to be done now.  As I had shared a week ago [here], I’ve been on a skincare diet for the good part of last year due to my acne, but inwardly I’ve been itching to slather myself with some luxurious products.  It is a delicate balance between giving my skin all the hydrating/lifting/plumping it needs, and keeping acne from flaring up all over again.  When this bottle of La Mer The Revitalizing Hydrating Serum arrived last month, I first approached it cautiously, but within days was completely won over…and now I can’t live without it!

La Mer The Revitalizing Hydrating Serum

The new La Mer The Revitalizing Hydrating Serum is so much more than just another moisturizing serum.  It promises to penetrate deep within the skin’s surface, and immerse the cells in a proprietary blend of sea-sourced actives.  Apart from the mainstay Miracle Broth, La Mer The Revitalizing Hydrating Serum also features 2 new ferments:

La Mer The Revitalizing Hydrating Serum

Another popular La Mer ingredient – Lime Tea Concentrate – is also present in The Revitalizing Hydrating Serum.  This is a powerful blend of antioxidants to protect the skin from environmental aggressors that cause early onset of skin aging.  A new nano-encapsulation technology enables the ingredients to be broken down into tiny micro-droplets for faster and better absorption.

La Mer The Revitalizing Hydrating Serum comes in the classic marine green glass bottle and metallic silver cap.  A convenient pump dispenses a small dose of product to prevent wastage, and allows even for half pumps.  I usually take 1.5 to 2 full pumps for my face and neck.  The product is a light mint green emulsion that is absorbed very quickly, and leaves my skin feeling instantly refreshed and hydrated.

La Mer The Revitalizing Hydrating Serum swatch

Going back to my skincare diet again, my skin was feeling somewhat parched from the anti-acne blemish treatments I was applying, and the moment I tried on The Revitalizing Hydrating Serum it was as if my skin sighed in relief.  A minimalist basic moisturizer may have kept my acne at bay, but it didn’t do anything else.  So it was immediately noticeable when my skin got plumper, more lifted, and radiant!

The other day I passed by an aquarium with my son, and he immediately pointed out a particular goldfish and squealed, “Look mummy!  It’s got WOBBLY JELLY CHEEKS!!”  *lmao*  Seriously, I laughed so hard and for so long, people may have thought I was deranged.  If you’ve seen my son (over Stories from time to time) you may know that he has some rather cute baby cheeks of his own, which I absolutely love and will miss kissing terribly when he grows up.  So whilst I am unlikely to regain any wobbly baby jelly cheeks of my own anytime soon, I am thankful to have La Mer The Revitalizing Hydrating Serum to keep my skin plumped and youthful looking!

La Mer The Revitalizing Hydrating Serum retails for SGD330 for 30ml, and is available at all La Mer counters in Singapore now.

xo LindaThis post featured a product that was generously provided for my consideration.  Regardless, all opinions expressed here are my own honest, unbiased views.