March 30th, 2019

Jo Malone brings out the beauty of Wild Flowers & Weeds

Springtime is for taking long strolls in the crisp air of the outdoors.  Before the the first bloom arrives, reeds and weeds thrive alongside with the occasional wild flower.  This is the thing I miss most about living in the northern hemisphere, which is probably the reason why I am always thrilled by Jo Malone’s spring releases.  I love how the brand always bring us outdoors this time of the year, and this season, Jo Malone has elevated the lowly weeds and wild flowers that most people pass over without a second glance.

Jo Malone Wild Flowers & Weeds

Jo Malone Wild Flowers & Weeds is a limited edition collection of 5 fragrances composed by perfumers Yann Vasnier and Louise Turner.  These bottles are possibly the most beautiful that Jo Malone has ever released, each bearing hand-painted designs of the plants that the fragrances are inspired by.  There are also glorious gift metal tins in 3 different colors (blue, green & black) and available to house 2 or 5 bottles.

The 5 fragrances are:

  • Cade & Cedarwood, a smoky aromatic that is inspired by the wet wooden boats waiting by the riverside
  • Hemlock & Bergamot, made with powdery petals brightened by bergamot and a crisp cucumber accord
  • Lupin & Patchouli juxtaposes lupin against rose, sweet juicy mandarin orange contrasting against earthy patchouli
  • Nettle & Wild Achillea combines green nettle with white wild achillea, covered by white musk
  • Willow & Amber, soft and gentle like the willow tree, cashmerean blend smoke and wood, yet light as fresh water

Jo Malone Hemlock & Bergamot and Cade & Cedarwood

Willow & Amber seems to be the most popular by consensus, it certainly is the most unique in my opinion.  My son who is developing quite a matured nose for fragrances picked up Cade & Cedarwood and declared it his favorite, and I agree.

Jo Malone Wild Flowers & Weeds is out in stores now.  Visit one of the 5 boutiques in Singapore soon!

This post featured products that were generously provided for my consideration.  Regardless, all opinions expressed here are my own honest, unbiased views.

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