Jo Malone Nashi Blossom

June 11, 2016

After bringing us down into an Herb Garden [read about the collection here] last Spring, Jo Malone now whizzes us into a vibrant city with streets lined with summery blossoms.

Jo Malone Nashi Blossom

Jo Malone Nashi Blossom was created by Master Perfumer Fabrice Pellegrin, who was also the genius behind my personal favourite Blackberry & Bay [reviewed here].  Given the connection, I could not resist checking out Nashi Blossom for myself.  In designing this new fragrance, Jo Malone has taken inspiration from the flowers of the Asian pear tree.  With their white petals and black stamen, the Nashi blossom was visually striking in appearance and very Jo Malone in style.

Nashi blossom

Nashi Blossom is not just the culmination of the flower, but also contains a hint of the pear fruit.  It starts out with a big burst of tart lemon, boosted by the crisp juiciness of pear and apple before giving way to the floral heart of its namesake Nashi blossom.  And to round it all off is a base of white musk.

For all its prettiness, I was dismayed to find that Jo Malone Nashi Blossom all but disappears from my skin within minutes of application.  So ephemeral is it that I have been dousing myself with it generously for the past couple of weeks but am still unable to fully grasp it.  In the fleeting instance that I am able to experience it in its full glory, I can’t help but feel that Nashi Blossom is somewhat pedestrian.  From its very simple set of fragrance notes to the composition of the scent, there is nothing unique about Nashi Blossom that captures my imagination.

The brew comes in the cutest Jo Malone bottle I’ve ever seen, adorned with a mint green cap and funky black and white polka dots all over the glass.  The attractive marketing images and limited edition nature of this scent has fanned the popularity of Nashi Blossom.  For those who love a light-hearted floral-fruity scent, and for the beginner looking to get acquainted with the brand, Nashi Blossom is a good pick.  But if you already have an extensive collection, you may find yourself disappointed.

xo Linda