Jinsoon for TIBI Nail Polishes

December 9, 2013

Aaahhh…. It’s been so long since I reviewed any nail polishes!  The problem was I wasn’t feeling any of the holiday lacquer releases, and I was waiting for these JINSOON for TIBI!!!

Jinsoon for tibi collection

For Fall 2013, Jinsoon (first introduced here) collaborated with high fashion label Tibi, to launch a mini collection of 5 sparkling shades.  Once again, Jinsoon managed to breath fresh life, and rescued me out of my nail polish doldrums!  These all have multi-hued sparkles that are fun and give a multi-dimensional feel to the nails.  They go over a dark jewel-toned base that brings the entire look to a more elegant, sophisticated place.  Much as I’d love to buy up the entire collection, I had to restrict myself to 3… and these are my picks:

Jinsoon for tibi collection

Obsidian is actually a glossy black packed with purple, pink, green, blue and gold sparkles.  Due to the sparkles, it actually shows up as purple under tungsten lighting, and is more black under sunlight.

Jinsoon for Tibi Obsidian swatch

Azurite is a deep navy and contains bits of silver and light blue micro-glitter.  It almost reminds me of SUQQU Aoboshi’s blue (take a peek here), like a starry night sky.

Jinsoon for Tibi Azurite

Mica is a slate gray that has a gritty look to it indoors, but is actually packed with a multitude of colors to give a holographic shimmer under sunlight.  Indoors, it looks almost green.

Jinsoon for tibi Mica

As always, Jinsoon polishes come in a handy-sized bottle that’s perfect in my mind – not too awkwardly fat, or weird curves that make storage a pain.  And the brush is the perfect width without being too fat as some other polishes tend to (looking at you Dior).  The formula is 5-free, and includes UV filters to prevent fading.  What is most important to me, is this latest batch of Jinsoon polishes dry SUPER FAST!  By the time I was done with my 10 fingers, it is already semi-dry.  Another 10 toes later, I’m ready to play ball with my little bub!  All the formula are mostly opaque in 1 coat, but looks better with 2.  They are also designed to be worn both shiny and with a matte coat for a more street-worthy, utilitarian feel.

I’m sorry this post is so late… there was a long delay in shipping the polishes over, and then I was inundated with Holiday 2013 reviews.  I hope it is still in time for those of you who are looking for something to tie your party looks together.  Personally, I feel Jinsoon polishes never go out of style (even in Spring!).  Enjoy!


8 responses to “Jinsoon for TIBI Nail Polishes”

  1. Kate Leung says:

    The nail colour from Jin soon are the best nail product I hv ever used 🙂

  2. Love the obsidian ahhhhh ^.^

  3. pearlessence says:

    That packaging is so cute! I love squared nail polish bottles because you can store them however you want. These ones would even stack on top of each other horizontally, what a space saver that would be in my nail polish drawer!

  4. rubyangel711 says:

    OMG! You picked all gorgeous shades. I’m having a hard time choosing just one! They look amazingly pigmented and the color on your nail translates exactly how it looks in the bottle—amazing!!!

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