Indulge in some luxury with May Lindstrom Skin

December 13, 2014

Earlier this year, I was persuaded by Jenny to try out some May Lindstrom skincare, she has nothing but good things to say about the collection [you may read her reviews here and here]. I also had the chance to correspond with May herself, and found her really personable and sincere in wanting to improve lives through well-formulated products.

May Lindstrom Skin banner

May Lindstrom was a former model and makeup artist who has pursued her dreams and developed a luxurious skin care line. It started with a yearning for something unique, skin treats that are nourishing and luxurious, deeply indulgent and beautifully packaged, without sacrificing purity and potency. May Lindstrom Skin was thus borne out of that ideal, and serves to provide a beauty ritual, reminding women to take time out and indulge in themselves.

May Lindstrom Skin uses ingredients that are sourced and harvested sustainably and mindfully. The ingredients used are organic, biodynamic, wild crafted, cruelty free, vegan and sustainable, and are harvested at the peak of their potency to deliver exceptional results. Each item is inspired, formulated, hand blended and personally filled from the May Lindstrom private studio in micro-batches for ultimate freshness and efficacy. Every detail, down to the black opaque glass packaging, and even the beautiful website, is designed by May herself.

May Lindstrom Skin picks

There are several interesting items in the May Lindstrom Skin collection, but I was looking for a couple of items to complement my existing stash. In particular, I have been battling with on-off patches of sensitivity and eczema throughout the year, and I was on the hunt for anything that may boost healing. With that in mind, I picked The Youth Dew and The Blue Cocoon.

May Lindstrom Skin The Youth Dew

May Lindstrom Skin The Youth Dew is described as a “joyously over-the-top hydrating potion” that is packed with 20 regnerating and indulgent plant and botanical oils. And indeed, the ingredient list is nothing but oil, and almost all are certified organic if not wild harvested. There is a lack of preservatives, instead May Lindstrom uses natural preservatives such as meadowfoam oil and others that are anti-oxidative in nature. There is also no artificial fragrances in the bottle, only organic essential oils from grapefruit, sweet orange, lemon, rose absolute, etc. The formula is packed with skin-nourishing oils such as avocado oil, jojoba oil, olive oil, and plum kernel oil. In particular, there are a handful of helpful oils to relief eczema and psoriasis, namely – sea buckthorn oil, rosehip seed oil, pomegranate seed oil, tamanu oil, kukui nut oil, evening primrose oil.

May Lindstrom Skin The Youth Dew

When I first received The Youth Dew, I was surprised by how this is really a facial oil, rather than a watery fluid serum that I have grown accustomed to seeing from other mass market brands. And it is a potent, viscous oil; not one of those slippery oils that are tainted with silicons and mineral oils. I like that the pump dispenser releases tiny drops each time, as I really only needed the tiniest bit to cover my entire face. Despite being rather tactile at first touch, The Youth Dew sinks into my skin and gets absorbed without leaving an oily sheen on my face. On days when my skin is at its worst, I can almost feel it heaving a sigh of relief when I smooth The Youth Dew over it.

May Lindstrom Skin The Blue Cocoon

May Lindstrom Skin The Blue Cocoon was the second product that I picked up, and it is the most interesting skincare product that I have ever come across. It arrived completely liquefied, but I was forewarned that this could happen due to extreme temperature changes during shipping, I then popped it into my fridge, and the entire jar re-solidified overnight to give me a cool, gentle balm. The Blue Cocoon is packed with precious ingredients that soothe and heal sensitized skin – camellia seed oil, shea butter, cocoa seed butter, virgin marula oil, baobab oil, blue tansy oil, and myrrh oil. It also packs other oils for anti-aging, sun protection, and skin smoothening.

May Lindstrom Skin The Blue Cocoon swatch

The Blue Cocoon is solid in the jar, but the moment you scoop it onto the palm of your hand, it melts instantly into a clear runny oil.  A tiny bit (about half a pea size) is enough to cover the entire face as this is quite unlike The Youth Dew, and is in fact rather oily.  If you apply too much, it stays shiny for a good period of time after.  Even a few hours later, when I touch my face, it still feels slippery.  So, this is best suited for use just before bed, and probably only over the extremely dry and sensitized patches.  What I did love about it, was the luxurious smell of cocoa… not the synthetic bitter or overly sweetened cocoa, but the real stuff, the sort that can send women deliriously high.

May Lindstrom Skin The Good Stuff

When I made my order, May was just celebrating the relaunch of her own website (which is a piece of art) so I was fortunate to be gifted this full-sized bottle of May Lindstrom Skin The Good Stuff.  This was my very first encounter with home body oils, and got me irrevocably hooked.  The Good Stuff is a multi-tasker, suitable for both the body and hair, and may also be drizzled in the bath for a decadent enriching experience.  It contains all sorts of skin pampering oils that are also found in the 2 products above – jojoba, macademia nut, olive, plum kernel, sea buckthorn, and cocoa absolute.  In addition, it is gloriously scented with ylang-ylang essential oil, rose absolute (the purer grade), and lavender essential oil.  Absolutely no synthetics or preservatives.

May Lindstrom Skin The Good Stuff swatch

The Good Stuff is a lighter oil and runnier in consistency than The Youth Dew, but not as slippery as The Blue Cocoon.  It feels just perfect for a night-time massage, and does not leave my skin feeling oily. Instead, it leaves it looking plumped, well moisturized, and gets absorbed well leaving no sticky oily residue. The moment I received it, I put it to good use on my back and arms where I was suffering from eczema, and it definitely helped relieved the itchiness and boosted healing.

Overall, I’m really very pleased with my first encounter with May Lindstrom Skin.  It is a very different type of skincare, one which uses entirely natural ingredients, and mostly organic.  Considering the top quality ingredients used in the products, the pricing (ranging from USD60 onwards) is really reasonable.  I love the hefty black opaque glass packaging, and the glorious scents.  The only item I would hesitate to recommend is The Blue Cocoon and only because getting the right dosage can be tricky especially living out here in tropical humidity.  But if you can, I do try it out, and fall in love for yourself!

xo Linda