Hourglass Visionaire Eyeshadow Duo: Suede & Prism

January 10, 2014

After having had a taste of Hourglass Visionaire Eyeshadow Duos (first reviewed here), I had to get my greedy fingers on Sarah’s other 2 covetables – Suede and Prism.  Of course, Sarah being the sweetheart she is, gladly accommodated me!  Thank you my love!!

There is really no way to fault any of these duos as the quality and textures are so consistently soft and buttery.  The pigmentation is top-notch, and a dream to blend.

Hourglass Visionaire Eyeshadow Duo in Suede

Hourglass Suede Eyeshadow Duo is probably a neutral-lover’s dream boat… I can’t be certain because I’m not really a neutral type of gal.  I don’t really have any pigmentation or vein-y issues with my lids, so I never saw the point of applying anything to get a my-skin-but-better look for my eyes.  If I’m going to take any trouble to apply something, then it’s gotta show, and show up easily.  Suede consists of a light satin beige which is quite close to my NC20-25 Asian skin tone, and the other accompanying shade is a light-medium satin brown-beige.  Both appears cool-toned on me.

Hourglass Visionaire Eyeshadow Duo in Prism

Hourglass Prism Eyeshadow Duo is one of those dream palettes that seem unlikely to be an everyday palette, but my gosh, I love this one so incredibly much I can definitely wear this over and over again!!  It comprises of a medium metallic blue with some pink micro-shimmer, and a deep black with light blue, pink and silver micro-shimmers.  The colors all apply intensely with a single wash, and can be sheered out for a lighter day look if you are scared of colors.  The moment I laid eyes on Prism, I knew this was how I was going to wear it!

Hourglass Visionaire Eyeshadow Duo in Prism EOTD

But of course you could wear them in a variety of ways – singly, half-half, blended together, etc etc.  I’m just currently obsessed with using a lighter color on top, and using a darker shade to line the outer half of my lid, winging out and then circling back on the lower lid.

I must admit, I had difficulties with Suede.  Sure, I could wear both shades blended all over, or just singly… but where’s the fun in that?  I tried to do some shading with the brown, but wasn’t too pleased with the look.  Also, I couldn’t quite darken the color much by piling it on… it just ended up looking somewhat chalky.  This was the best I could do:

Hourglass Visionaire Eyeshadow Duo in Suede EOTD

I could of course, use it over a blended dark liner shade or darkening base….  And then it hit me!  With a whole array of colored duos, maybe there is a place for a lighter neutral duo, for us to mix things up a little!  Like so:

Hourglass Visionaire Eyeshadow Duo in Suede & Prism EOTD

If you’re traveling with just a bunch of colored duos, I think Suede would be a lovely companion.  What do you think?


18 responses to “Hourglass Visionaire Eyeshadow Duo: Suede & Prism”

  1. Love the blue one. Suit you perfectly

  2. Erika says:

    They’re to die for! I like Prism better, though, because the Suede palette looks very similar some of the shades in the Laura Mercier Artist’s Palette for Eyes. Ugh, I wish I knew how to get hold of Hourglass cosmetics here in the Philippines! 🙁

  3. bubblymichelle says:

    The micro shimmer in Prism… omg! I love it! Thank you for the review babe :-* Must get this one for sure!

  4. mjacqueline says:

    I would be all over Suede, I love neutrals.

  5. bellyhead says:

    More so than the icy tones of the TF Ice Queen, Prism looks especially pretty on you! Lovely shades.

  6. Amria says:

    I can’t decide wich I like most 0_o

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