Guerlain Super Aqua Skincare range

May 11, 2013

Since its introduction in 1987, Guerlain’s Super Aqua Serum has amassed a cult following, and established a legacy of battling wrinkles by rehydrating the skin.  Over the years, Guerlain has continued to research on ways to improve the formula, to propel Super Aqua to new heights.  To leverage on the latest technology, Guerlain has enhanced Super Aqua with Aqua Complex.

All About Guerlain’s Aqua Complex:

Enhances & relaunches the skin purification mechanisms
By stimulating clusterin* synthesis, Aquacomplex allows the skin to be irrigated with pure and essential water once again.  Test results show that after 24 hours we already observe that the expression of clusterin has increased 2.75 times.  “Cleansed” of the debris that pollutes it, cellular water is regenerated, offering the cells the vitality they need to function optimally..

Increases skin’s water reserves
By boosting the level of hyaluronic acid receptors by 20%*, Aquacomplex increases the binding of hyaluronic acid at the heart of the tissue and helps to reinflate the hydric mattress, which ensures the skin’s plumpness.

Preserves skin’s impermeability
By stimulating the synthesis of occludins, the proteins that make up the impermeable junctions in the corneo-epidermal junction (CEJ), by 73%*, Aquacomplex helps to ensure the cohesion of the epidermal barrier.

At the same time, Guerlain’s Super Aqua range continues to offer the skin the high-tech protection of its double anti-dehydration and anti-ageing barrier to slow down the evaporation of water and maintain it in the epidermis, and protect the skin against the visible signs of ageing by improving the cells’ resistance to free radicals and sun damage.

The complete Guerlain Super Aqua line-up:

Guerlain Super Aqua

I had the privilege of experiencing the Super Aqua line via a complimentary express facial at the TANGS Guerlain boutique recently, and even took home some sachet samples to try.  Below is my review of the items I tried.

The products I tried:

Super Aqua Mask had a light creamy consistency that spread easily, and absorbed well into my skin.  I actually had some sensitive flare-ups when I tried this on, but it did not sting my skin!  After 10 minutes, my skin was noticeably more radiant and luminous!  Prior to this, I have tried Clarins’ HydraQuench Cream-mask, and Guerlain’s Super Aqua beat it hands-down.

Super Aqua Serums (face & eye) had a milky, emulsion-like consistency, and a little goes a long way.  The original formula does feel somewhat thicker, and takes some time to be fully absorbed.  For those who doesn’t have the time or patience to wait, Guerlain has introduced a “light” version of the same serum for the face.

I was given a couple of satchet samples to try at home, so I used the original Super Aqua face serum at night, and the light version in the day.  The original version provided unmistakable hydrating benefits, and gave my face a rested look the next morning.  It also helped to soothe my flare-ups, i.e. my red patches looked less red in the morning.  However, I found the light version to be insufficient in terms of providing extra hydration.

The Super Aqua Eye Serum was perhaps the weaker sibling.  It stung somewhat upon application, although that went away quickly.  Also, compared to YSL’s Forever Youth Liberator eye serum (read about it here), Super Aqua eye was less hydrating and did not help my dark eye circles (even layered with my usual eye gel & cream).

If you are new to the brand, the Super Aqua range of products are a good (more affordable) way to get acquainted with Guerlain skincare.  Feel free to pop by either of its counters at TANGS Orchard or Takashimaya to experience the products for yourself and request for a free sample!

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  1. Great post! I loved the Clarins and Chanel hydra masks, so will definitely check this out if it’s better than the Clarins!

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