Guerlain Fall 2013: Rouge G in Madame Batifole

August 14, 2013

For Fall 2013, Guerlain has introduced 3 limited edition lipsticks under its infamous Rouge G line. Each are encased in a beautiful veil-printed case that snaps shut magnetically.  When the lipstick is pulled out, the case opens up to reveal a hidden mirror!  The original Rouge G case was designed by Lorenz Bäumer, the most talented jeweler from the Place Vendôme in Paris, and is the ultimate accessory of mystery and seduction.

Guerlain Rouge G FW2013 packaging

The veil designed is also replicated on the inside of the carton packaging, which was surprisingly sweet!

Guerlain Rouge G Madame Batifole

The 3 limited edition shades are:

Guerlain Rouge G FW2013 swatches Madame Batifole, Madame Reve, Madame Flirte

I was quite drawn to Madame Flirte initially, but finally landed on Madame Batifole because the intensity and color brightened up my face instantly.  As you can see from the swatches above, Madame Batifole is a medium-dark, cool-toned pink with blue undertones.  There is also some shimmers in there which makes it so unique.  It is the most pigmented of the 3 Rouge Gs, and covers the lips entirely with a single swipe.

Its incredibly creamy formula left me all dreamy, going mmmmm…..  It has been awhile since I picked up a Rouge G, and I had forgotten just how ah-maaa-ziing it feels on!  I came home and dug out every single one of my Rouge Gs, oh joyous reunion my loves!

I found the formula to be quite hydrating, it certainly doesn’t leave me feeling like I needed my nightly lip balm treat.  It also lasted me quite well throughout the day.  The only problem I had with it was that it tended to smudge if you, like me, had a habit of pursing your lips together or touching anywhere near your face.  I tried blotting gently after applying Madame Batifole, and it helped a lot, without detracting from the beauty of the color!  This is good news for me, because I have a feeling Madame Batifole and I are going to be hanging out together quite often!


2 responses to “Guerlain Fall 2013: Rouge G in Madame Batifole”

  1. Winter says:

    Hi what is the price?

    • silverkis says:

      Hi Winter, it’s SGD69 for the Rouge G. If you get it at Sephora Ion from now til 4 Sept, you’ll qualify for a lucky dip which gives you either a lip gloss or eyeshadow single! Not a bad deal I think! 😉

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