Guerlain Les Tendres Spring 2015: Soft Flushed Cheeks & Sweet-Tinged Lips

March 3, 2015

This Spring, Guerlain seems to have taken us back to the Renaissance, where the epitomy of beauty is baby soft skin, with a peek of soft flush on the cheeks and sweetly-tinged lips. Whilst the imagery is not too far from today’s modern definition of beauty, I was surprised that Guerlain has chosen to take us all the way back to that classical fairytale filled with baby cherubs complete with draped garlands. Not that flying babies are not adorable, but people often forget that cherubims are really sword-wielding guardian angels, far from the imaginings of Italian painters, and are completely inappropriate references for beauty. But that has not stopped fans from raving about the new Guerlain Angelic Radiance Meteorites Perles de Blush.

Guerlain Meteorites Perles de Blush & KissKiss Rosy Silk for Spring 2015

As a fan of the famed Guerlain Meteorites Pearls, I have different tins in various shades for different purposes. In particular, I have a special tin in the darkest shade 04 Dore that I sometimes use on the cheeks for a natural flush. So when I saw Guerlain had released a special shade meant exclusively for use on the cheeks, my response to it was “about time!”

Guerlain Meteorites Perles de Blush for Spring 2015

The Meteorites Perles de Blush is touted as a “hybrid blush” that combines color, freshness and radiance through the combination of fuchsia, iridescent champagne and rose petal pink. To use, simply put a brush in, swirl it around a little, and then gently sweep it across the cheeks. The pearls are really quite pigmented and just a short simple swirl picks up enough color for a medium, slightly warm-toned pink flush with a satin finish. Unlike a traditional pan blush, this format provides looser powder which allows for a soft, diffused color that is hard to overdo.

The only problem I had with the blush is its carton packaging which belies Guerlain’s luxury branding and the USD53 price tag. As a matter of practicality too, carton packaging simply does not stand the test of time and humidity. I’m not even sure if the external surface has been treated with varnish or any form of water resistance, but it certainly feels like something that will get stained easily when in contact with some fallout from the blush powder or other strays from my makeup mess.

Comparison of Meteorites Pearls and Perles de Blush

On the other hand, I did not have an issue with the small size of the blush, although to be honest, despite having seen numerous complains about how “tiny” the perles de blush were, I was still surprised when I finally saw it in person. However, my surprise quickly turned into squeals of “oh how cute!”. When placed side by side with the original Meteorites Pearls, the difference is immediately noticeable. However, what people are forgetting is, this is really meant to be a blush, not an allover face powder. And at USD53 for 13.5gm (versus USD45 for 4.2gm of Chanel Joues Contraste) this is the most generous blush that I have seen in a very long time.

The small size of the pearls did have a tendency to get them trapped in my brush, and at the height of it all, I managed to send 6 different pearls flying all around. Since then, I’ve learnt to tap my brush against the side of the container to dislodge any stowaway pearls before lifting it out and applying to my face. And in case you were wondering, the level of pearls differed in the 2 pictures above because I stuffed the fluffy cotton puff underneath to raise the pearls in the earlier image to make it easier to photograph. Another common complain was how empty the container seemed. Of course we’d all love to receive as much bang for our bucks as possible, but if the container really was full, it would be impossible to swirl your brush in it. And no, the included puff is not meant for application, but it is simply to keep the pearls from jostling around.

Guerlain Kisskiss Lipstick Rosy Silk for Spring 2015

To complete the illusion of an angelic beauty, Guerlain has released 2 new limited edition KissKiss Lipstick. I have here #560 Rosy Silk, which is a very soft, warm-toned pink with very fine golden shimmer and a shiny finish. Rosy Silk is semi-sheer, and no matter how many times I swipe over my lips, I cannot build to full opacity. What it does leave is a crystalline glossy finish with a hint of rosy pink. This has the same creamy formula that I love about Guerlain KissKiss lipsticks, that is perfectly comfortable on the lips and fairly long-lasting (for such a creamy texture). However, Rosy Silk is not pure love for me as it tended to leave an overly frosty look on my lips that accentuate lines. As my lips are rather dark on their own, semi-sheer lipsticks are generally not so flattering on me. However, this may work when layered on top of a more opaque lipstick, and using just a single swipe, to create a glimmering lip color.

And to round up my 2-part review on the latest Guerlain Spring 2015 offerings [read part 1 here], here is a complete LOTD featuring Guerlain Meteorites Baby Glow and Meteorites Compact in #03 Medium on face, Meteorites Perles de Blush on cheeks and KissKiss Lipstick in #560 Rosy Silk on lips.

Guerlain Spring 2015 LOTD

Have you picked up anything from the Guerlain Les Tendres Spring 2015 collection yet?

This post featured a KissKiss lipstick that was kindly provided to me by LuxAsia Singapore for my consideration.  However, all views expressed above are my own honest, unbiased opinions and are not influenced in any way.

xo Linda