Guerlain Météorites Blossom Collection

February 18, 2014

For Spring 2014, Guerlain has reformulated their famed Météorites Pearls, adding their new Stardust Technology.  This is a spherical pigment contained within each pearl to help diffract light upon contact, and bring greater luminosity to the skin.  There are 4 shades in the Guerlain Météorites Blossom Collection.

Guerlain Meteorites 01 Blanc de Perle

01 Blanc de Perle – This is permanent and exclusive to Asia, and replaces the previous 00 Blanc de Perle which contained varying versions of all-white pearls (matte, shimmery, ivory).  The reformulated version seems to be more suitable across a variety of skin tones as it contains a subtle cool blend of light pink pearls to illuminate the skin, light coral and lavender for radiance.  It is incredibly pretty to look at, and is subtle enough to be used on most fair to medium-light (under NC25) skin.

The rest of the shades from 02 to 04 are permanent and available globally.

Guerlain Meteorites 02 Claire

02 Claire – Almost identical to the previous generation’s 01 Teint Rose to my novice eyes, Claire contains a combination of green pearls for redness correction, white to reflect the light, and champagne pearls to gently illuminate the skin.  This is suitable for most fair to medium skin, and works well to correct cooler tones.

03 Medium – Medium replaces the older 02 Teint Beige and corrects with mauve and pink to keep skin from looking dull, beige and apricot beige add warmth, while white and gold reflect light.  Again, from my standpoint, it looks fairly similar in color from Teint Beige.  Medium is ideal for warmer skin-types.

Guerlain Meteorites 04 Dore

04 Doré – The most excitingly different of the global line-up, Doré incorporates chocolate pearls with shimmers (jelly!!) and stunning fuchsia pearls that are reminiscent of the Crazy Météorites from the Holiday 2013 collection (jellier!!).  It replaces the previous 03 Teint Doré which was more of a muted warm nude blend.  I’ve taken to wearing Doré on my cheeks – a light sweep on the cheekbones after layering blusher & Météorites Claire!  Doré can also be used as a subtle bronzer, swept around the contours of the face and in the hollows of the cheeks.

The new reformulated Météorites Pearls have a softer texture, which lends itself to a more powdery application.  A visible cloud of powder kicks up from the tin after a few swirls with the brush.  As such, you do have to be a bit more light handed than usual for a translucent finish.  Alternatively, for those who prefer a more visible powdered finish (Asians tend to favor this more), then go ahead and swirl it up!

To mark the new collection, the tins have been redesigned with scalloped embossing on the sides and lid.  The rubber sponge inside has also been replaced with a more plush powder puff, which I imagine you might use to dab on the powder if you really are caught in a jam.  However, Guerlain recommends the use of their redesigned  Météorites Brush.

Guerlain Meteorites brush


The bristles are longer, so as to better pick up from the pearls (which is noticeably lesser and therefore further within the tin than before).  Unfortunately, even though Guerlain had hopes this would be a softer brush, it still feels rather scratchy to my spoilt-rotten-by-Japanese-brushes face.  It is lovely to look at though, and comes with a very thoughtful velvet case with a magnetic closure.

My sincere thanks to LuxAsia for providing me with 02 Claire and the Météorites Brush for review!  xoxo


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  1. Sil says:

    Wow, the new Blanc de Perle is so beautiful! Too bad (or good, for my wallet) that it’s an Asia exclusive.
    Do you know if it’s possible to get it online, from a distributor that ships internationally?

  2. I love your review as always. Thinking which one to grab is difficult. When I only see things online. 😉 thank you.

  3. Kate says:

    My impression of the new formula is that it had more sparkle than the old formula. Too glittery for this old girl. I was able to find Teint Rose online and have fallen in love with it. I wish I hadn’t waited so long to try it!

    • silverkis says:

      Hi Kate, did you actually try the new meteorites on your face? I don’t find it shimmery at all! But I’m glad you finally discovered meteorites!!

      • Kate says:

        I did test them on my face. Lovely but a bit too glimmery. With the old version I have to look hard to see any micro glitter. I just love it!

        • silverkis says:

          hmm… i find it more powdery and so much more visible than before. In that sense, i agree with you, i prefer the old formula. In any case, a tin should last you a lifetime, but do get a backup too!

  4. Lena L says:

    How lovely!
    The new Blanc De Perle would be much versatile for many different skin tones.
    I think I want the Claire as well! ;o

  5. Mitzie Mee says:

    I’ve always been a big fan of the Guerlain Météorites and I really like those new shades.

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