Guerlain Madame Rougit 4 Colors Blush for Fall 2013

August 16, 2013

Guerlain Madame Rougit is a limited edition blush released as part of Guerlain’s Fall 2013 Voilette de Madames collection.  It comprises of 4 shades ranging from cool pinks to warm beige, and are supposed to be used together to “illuminate and highlight with a velvety finish”.

Guerlain Rougeit 4 Colors Blush

The 4 shades on the palette are arranging in diagonal strips, and consists of the following (from upper right hand corner down):

There are also some raised polka dots with a shimmery white overspray, which come off with just one swipe of my brush over the palette.

Guerlain Madame Rougeit 4 Colors Blush

There have been some negative reviews on the blogosphere about this blush, and having used this over the past few days, and actually touched and swatched each of the shades, I would like to lay some of your fears aside.  Madame Rougit may feel somewhat “harder” to the touch, some even described it as “plasticky”; especially if you’ve been comparing it against some of the cream blushes that are suddenly in-vogue.  However, once you’ve brushed away some of the raised polka dots and overspray, it actually feels very soft and finely-milled, as you’d expect from Guerlain.  It is also incredibly pigmented, and 1 single swipe of my brush picked up sufficient color to give me a beautiful rosy flush on the cheeks without looking too garish.

Guerlain Madame Rougeit 4 Colors Blush swatches

The confusion, I think, comes from the 2 smaller shimmery shades (labeled #1 and #3).  As you can see from my swatch photo above, these two, especially #3 hardly shows up at all, and has been the focus of all the flaming reviews.  The way I see it, these 2 shades are not actually meant to be used individually…. well, not unless you plan on using an eyeshadow-sized brush on your cheeks!  Instead, taking guidance from Guerlain’s description of this blush, I think these are meant to be sheer, shimmery washes used together with their neighboring, more pigmented shades (#2 and #4 respectively), and act as a sort of illuminator / highlighter.  So if you look at the pan in this manner, you get 2 halves – a warmer toned pink-coral illuminating blush on the upper right half, and a cooler toned light-medium pink illuminating blush on the lower left half.

Of course you can, and should, use all 4 shades swirled together, for a lovely healthy post-summer (not too cool, not too warm) flush on the cheeks!  Don’t take my word for it though, i’m a notorious Guerlain addict, but check it out for yourself before dismissing this completely.  It is, afterall, limited edition, and oooh-so-pretty!  😉


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