Guerlain Liu Calligraphy Eye & Lip Palette

December 18, 2012


Guerlain Liu palette

I’m addicted to metallic eye shadows, and every year around this time, I would be inextricably drawn to all the gorgeous limited holiday editions.  This year, with a newborn baby leaving me no time for shopping & serious makeup, I thought my wallet would escape unscathed.  Unfortunately, this beauty by Guerlain had captured my heart from the moment the pictures were released.  After testing it out at their latest Tangs Orchard counter (which was a luxurious experience in itself), I was sold!

The Liu Calligraphy Eye & Lip palette contains 3 amazing metallic eyeshadows that applied with a smooth almost-creamy texture, and did not flake off like many other metallics.  There is also a dark matte grey-black that could be used both as a shadow and as a liner.  Also in the palette are 2 lip colors, a bold coral red and a cooler fushia red.


My favorite is the gorgeous medium gold (2nd from the top) and the silvery taupe (3rd from the top).  The bright red lip colors are also very on trend at the moment.

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  1. Thanks to share awesome post.

  2. catalina can says:

    I also have this palette and I love it! x

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