Guerlain: Give in to Gloss Makeup Demo by Maxime Pouline

May 24, 2013

Last Wednesday saw a really special event at Sephora Ion – a makeup demo by Guerlain’s international makeup artist Maxime Pouline.  Guerlain is one of my favorite beauty brands, but it doesn’t seem to have much love out here in Singapore, so I was really happy to see the company host a session in a much more accessible place – Sephora Ion, targeting the younger & trendier crowd.

Guerlain Give in to Gloss event

Titled Guerlain: Give in to Gloss, the event coincided with Guerlain’s launch of its latest Gloss D’enfer Maxi Shine lip gloss collection and its Le Vernis Maxi Shine nail lacquer line!  These are AMAZING, totally lust-worthy, reviews will be up within the next day or so!

Guerlain Give in to Gloss display

Of course, you couldn’t fly an international makeup artist all the way from Paris and only have him demo lip glosses.  In barely 15 minutes, Maxime Pouline waved his magical charm and turned out a flawless, easy-to-wear look.

Guerlain Maxime Poulin demo

I’m always in awe of pro makeup artists… nevermind the fact they are so incredibly hawwtt, but they can really do magic, serious magic.  And all the while holding an entertaining monologue!  That is a skill I need to learn, so I can keep my little bub entertained while applying makeup in the morning!

Guerlain Maxime Poulin demo

Drawing us back to the glosses, Maxime showed us how easily we could transform the look from day to evening just by switching lip colors and glossing it up.

Guerlain Maxime Poulin demo finished look

At the end of the demo, a handful of invited bloggers were able to get some private air time with Maxime for Q&A.  It was a really great idea, because I got some burning questions answered that I always thought was too trivial to ask.

  1. How do you match your blusher to your lip color (or is that too matchy-matchy?)? – the answer is, simply hold your lip color above the blusher and check if the color tones go together.
  2. Do I need as many blushers as lip colors then?  – answer: No, but every woman should have at least a warm toned and a cool toned blusher
  3. How do I amp up the blusher when I apply a bolder lip so my cheeks don’t “disappear”? – answer: Apply more blush but only to the sides (not directly on the apples of the cheeks) so you see a more sculpted look and it doesn’t look too much from the front.

And because Guerlain is so incredibly generous, I got to bring home a 4-piece gift bag with my favorite lip gloss from the collection (I had actually picked out and bought the same gloss before this!!), nail polish base, top coat, and the nail color that I was eyeing throughout the event!!

Guerlain Give in to Gloss goodie bag

Thank you Joceyln for inviting me to the bloggers’ session!  I had an awesome time!  And I absolutely can’t wait for the new base products to arrive!!!  😉


  1. Guerlain Gloss D’enfer Maxi Shine lip glosses #420 Rouge Shebam & #468 Candy Stripe are swatched and reviewed HERE!
  2. Guerlain Le Vernis Maxi Shine #125 Vega, #143 Nahema, and #165 Champs Elysee are swatched and HERE!

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  1. I swatched the lip gloss last weekend and I absolutely love the smooth and soft texture 🙂

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