Gucci Luxurious Moisture-Rich Lipstick in Fever

March 19, 2015

Happy Thursday!!! I’ve been having these epic moments at work lately, this week’s saga involved poking the tigress, who expectedly retaliated with a roar… but as it turns out, paper tigers roar the loudest because they have no subtance. So the moral of today’s story is, don’t let bullies at work get you down! Sometimes, you need to slap idiots around a little bit to establish your standing ground. Sad, but true. But we’re not here to listen to my work woes… instead, I’m here to tantalize with 1 of several luscious beauties that I picked up last year (gosh, where did the time go?!?!) — Gucci Luxurious Moisture-Rich Lipstick in Fever!

Gucci Luxurious Moisture-Rich Lipstick in Fever

Gucci launched its eponymous beauty line to wide acclaim last Fall, and everything was oh-so-drop-dead-gorgeous. Unfortunately, the line is only available online in the US, and in a handful of boutiques (none of them in Singapore). Many of the things sold out within weeks of the initial launch, and I faced a lot of trouble getting hold of the stuff I wanted most. In the end, they arrived just as the Holiday 2014 collections were hitting hard and fast. So, they sat in the warehouse until now.

Gucci Luxurious Moisture-Rich Lipstick in Fever

There are 2 different lipstick formulas in the family – Audacious for intense color and long-lasting wear; and Luxurious for a more moisturizing feel. I decided to pick up a Luxurious Moisture-Rich lipstick in Fever as I was really into coral lips at the time and was looking for a more comfortable version of Tom Ford’s Lip Color Matte in Flame [reviewed here] which I was wearing to death back then.

Gucci Luxurious Lipstick in Fever LOTD

As it turned out, the Gucci Luxurious Moisture-Rich Lipstick formula is really creamy and the color intensity for Fever is not as bold as I would have liked it. It is a medium, muted warm-toned coral. It feels very emollient on the lips and the bullet glided easily over the lips. The Luxurious lipsticks contain 65% oils that melt onto the lips when warmed by body heat, and gives a gentle shine. It reminds me of the newly reformulated Guerlain Kiss Kiss formula in its slightly sheer opacity and shiny finish. On my lips, Fever lasted for only 3-4 hours before fading off, and was completely worn off after a meal.

Overall, I found Gucci Luxurious Moisture-Rich Lipstick in Fever slightly underwhelming as it lacked the intense color and opacity that I was expecting from the product description. However, it is a very lovely formula, moisturizing and lightweight on the lips. The packaging is spectacular, regular readers will know that I hardly ever rave about packaging, but Gucci’s signature interlocking G design and the gold against black color scheme scream SEXY to me. I should also point out that the cap snaps shut with hidden magnets, and stays shut no matter how rough and long it stays tumbling around in the bottom of my son’s school bag (why was it there? Don’t ask!). For swatches of the entire Gucci makeup line, please feel free to hop over to Sara’s post here!

xo Linda

10 responses to “Gucci Luxurious Moisture-Rich Lipstick in Fever”

  1. expatmuaddict says:

    Such a shame its not pigmented. I have two lipsticks from the range but I am not sure if they’re audacious or the luxurious **runs to check**

    Stacey | Expat Make-Up Addict

  2. Lily says:

    Too bad the colour isn’t as pigmented as described, but I do like a softer lip shade as well. You’re right. The packaging is to die for 🙂

  3. Oh wow, I was really expecting a bit more COLOR! Glad to hear it’s at least comfortable to wear tho! Sorry to hear about your bully at work. I hope that person learns his/her place soon!

    • silverkis says:

      Thanks Sunny… unfortunately, I think tigers never really lose their stripes. At this point, it’s really more about poking for fun, slap ’em around a bit, just to keep things interesting (while i can!)… 😉

  4. Ting says:

    The packaging and the bullet looks so beautiful. Shame that the colour isn’t as hoped.

    Ting | The Ting Thing

  5. beauty bloss says:

    It looks gorgeous in the bullet, shame it lacked the colour payoff on the lips. Beautiful photos!

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