Gucci Crystal Copper Magnetic Color Shadow Quad

April 21, 2015

Does it feel like summer is just round the corner? The weather has been absolutely searing here in Singapore lately, and with summer collections gaining momentum, I think it is time to break out the warm tones and gleaming golds. For today, I’d like to introduce you to this beauty that I’ve been hoarding for awhile now… Gucci Crystal Copper Magnetic Color Shadow Quad!

Gucci Crystal Copper Magnetic Color Shadow Quad

Crystal Copper is 1 of 10 permanent eyeshadow quads under the Gucci Beauty collection. It took me a long time to decide on this one since the color chips provided on the website are completely undecipherable, giving me no sense of the textures and finishes. I finally settled on this as it felt the “safest” for my skintone, and with just a dash of fun with the gold and aubergine shades.

Gucci Crystal Copper Magnetic Color Shadow Quad

Clockwise from top left, the shades are:

And here are the swatches:

Gucci Crystal Copper Magnetic Color Shadow Quad swatches

I don’t usually rave about packaging, but these Gucci items really have got class and sex appeal in the right proportions. The eyeshadow quads come in sleek square palettes that have rounded corners and a polished exterior with gold trimmings. Even though they are plastic, there is just enough heft to them to make them luxurious without overburdening the purse. They stay shut with a magnetic closure and come protected in a velvet sleeve with the classic interlocking G’s in a linked design. Even the carton exterior packaging comes with embossed gold letterings, a touch that costs additional to produce, and adds to the luxe factor.

Gucci Magnetic Color Shadow Quad packaging

I also really appreciate that each palette comes with 2 dual-ended applicators, which boast of a sponge- and brush-tip on opposite ends! The brush-tips are useful for laying down color whereas the sponge-tips are better suited to lining and dabbing highlighters.

Gucci Crystal Copper Magnetic Color Shadow Quad

Finally, to put all the shades together, here is an eye look featuring all 4 shades:

Gucci Crystal Copper Magnetic Color Shadow Quad EOTD

For this look, I applied copper all over my lid, and added just the aubergine at the outer corners for some definition. Thereafter, I used the reddish-brown to blend out the aubergine in the outer crease, and finished with a dab of gold in the middle of my lid. As a finishing touch, I lined my bottom lash line with a bronze liner, and blended pale gold in the inner corner.  For me, this is a softer, more day-appropriate look with gleaming eyes.

Here is another, more dramatic look featuring Crystal Copper on the eyes:

Gucci Crystal Copper Magnetic Color Shadow Quad LOTD

Overall, Crystal Copper certainly has me hooked on Gucci Beauty! The quality is top-notch, the shadows are all incredibly smooth and so easy to work with I can apply them with both eyes closed (joking)! They also last all day on my oily hooded lids without fading or creasing in the slightest. I’m surprised that since its initial launch last Fall 2014, the fever has pretty much faded, and I hadn’t seen very many reviews for these Magnetic Color Shadow Quads online. To help you out, Sara has a lovely review of Tuscan Storm and Sonia has a post on Autumn Fire.

Have you tried anything from Gucci Beauty?

xo Linda