Givenchy Summer 2014 Terre Exotique Moonlight Croisiere

July 18, 2014

Before Summer gives way to Autumn, let’s take a look at one of the last Summer 2014 offerings to hit town. Givenchy Summer 2014 Terra Exotique Moonlight Croisiere Givenchy Croisiere Terre Exotique or Healthy Glow Powder is the French label’s answer to this summer’s call.  Designed to be swept all over the face for a sheer, natural glow, as if we had all spent weeks languishing under some exotic sun.  The powder itself is carved to resemble a rocky jungle, rimmed with a chain design.  It is exquisite indeed… but it was just not enough to entice me to part with my money.  No, I did not need another bronzer in my collection. Givenchy Summer 2014 Terra Exotique Moonlight Croisiere What eventually caught my attention was the fact that Givenchy had released an Asia exclusive version of this Poudre Terre Exotique, in shade #5 Moonlight Croisiere!  It is much lighter than the US/Europe version which corresponds to #2 Douce Croisiere in the permanent Poudre Bonne Mine line-up. Givenchy Summer 2014 Terra Exotique Moonlight Croisiere swatch It is a rather dense powder in the pan, which allows you to safely brush over without destroying the engraved design.  But when applied, it is incredibly finely milled and goes on smooth like silk.  Moonlight Croisiere is a pale beige which pulls slightly cool and has some slight shimmer in it. It is as if Givenchy knew exactly what Asians want, and that is to look fair, regardless of season. So, instead of a bronzer, Givenchy has given us an all-over illuminator!  Since receiving it, I have really enjoyed dusting it all over my face like a finishing powder, and it gives me a very smooth looking finish with a slight glow, very similar to what I might have achieved with the Guerlain Meteorites (if not better!).  I could also apply this on my cheekbones, nose ride, forehead and chin using a flat highlighter brush for a subtle highlight.  It would show up much better on tanner complexions though. Givenchy Summer 2014 Terra Exotique Moonlight Croisiere Similar to the other Terre Exotiques that were launched by Givenchy this season, this is a large palette with 16gm (0.56oz) of product, and retails for SGD105 (approximately USD85).  It is also available in a smaller Poudre Bonne Mine, which is also Asia exclusive, retailing at SGD75 for 7.2gm (0.24oz).  Givenchy Croisiere Terre Exotique #5 Moonlight Croisiere is limited edition, and exclusively sold in Asia. xoxo

15 responses to “Givenchy Summer 2014 Terre Exotique Moonlight Croisiere”

  1. Oh .. I have not tried any Givencyhy so far

  2. Nikki says:

    Why is it an Asian exclusive, why?! And more importantly, why do we not have Givenchy here in the Philippines?!

    • silverkis says:

      Aww…!!! There should be Givenchy in the Philippines!!! If you’d like, i can always send you one… email me!

  3. Christina says:

    Oh, you are sooooo lucky! I skipped over the shade released in the U.S. because it was just too dark for my complexion. It looks so beautiful, and the shade you have here would have been perfect! Enjoy!!

    • silverkis says:

      Hi Christina, yes very fortunate indeed! Like you, i wasn’t interested at it initially, thinking the shade is too dark, i don’t need another pretty bronzer just to look at…. and was super surprised when i realized there is an AE version that is perfect! :*

  4. Winnie says:

    I keep telling myself not to buy!!!!

  5. Jacqueline says:

    What a gorgeous highlighter! Highlighters are one thing I can manage to resist but what a beauty. Thanks for the swatches Linda. It is so tempting.

  6. Sunny says:

    Wait minute, have I been living under a rock? Why didn’t I know such a beautiful creature exists??? Man I should have picked it up when I was in Shanghai! So, SO gorgeous, and I love the formula!

    Oh well, it’s not as if I needed another highlighter. Enjoy it, Linda!

    • silverkis says:

      babe, you’re not the only one! i kept saying no i dont want it i dont want it, and my gf was going it’s AE! it’s LE! it’s so divine! So, if you want one… gimme a holler!

  7. lilian says:

    Where can I get this?

  8. Oh I didn’t know that there is an Asia Exclusive version of that one. When I have seen your swatches I was like, wait a min, this looks so light. Then I read the text, yep, it is light 🙂
    Are you using it as a highlighter. It looks so gorgeous, great find!

  9. This is gorgeous !
    Too sad to be asian exclusive.

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