Givenchy Ondulations D’or Palette

December 19, 2013

Whilst most of the Holiday 2013 collections hit stores early this year (as early as September!), Givenchy’s Ondulations Précieuses collection did not arrive on our shores until late November!  Overwhelmed as I was by then, I almost missed this beauty if not for Winnie’s enabling.

Givenchy Ondulations D'or Palette

Givenchy Ondulations d’Or Bronze Précieux Unique Eyeshadow is a limited edition eyeshadow palette comprising of black and gold shades, swirled together in 1 pan.  The eyeshadow itself is shaped in a peaked star, with GIVENCHY carved into the side of one of the arms of the star.  The packaging itself is made of high-quality carton, which personally I’m not so fond of due to the high level of humidity where I live, but it has a good magnetic closure, and the top is embossed with this gorgeous wreath of golden stars surrounding the luxurious Givenchy emblem.

Givenchy Ondulations D'or Precieux Eyeshadow

I looked at a few palettes and realized that the swirl of the colors on each palette differs, making each palette quite unique and a work of art on its own!

Givenchy Ondulations D'or swatches

The shades are somewhat on the sheer side, although for good reason.  In order to give you a clearer sense of the colors, I had swatched rather heavily to achieve the color purity in the photo above.  The gold is a mid-toned metallic gold, which is neutral on my skin.  The black (swatched on the right) is the sheerer shade, and has some warmth to it.  And the reason I think the sheer-ness of the colors work in this case, is it allows for the shades to be used swirled together, to give a very interesting khaki-bronze shade (as swatched on the left)!  I was very surprised by how effortlessly the black and gold blended together, and did not seem as merely 1 color sitting on top of another!  The entire pan is incredibly soft to the touch and very finely milled.

Givenchy Ondulations D'Or EOTD

And for a palette as classy as Givenchy Ondulations D’or Bronze Precieux, you really don’t need very much else to achieve a bold, evening look!  For the EOTD above, I swirled the black & gold together and swiped it all over the lid.  Then I dabbed on more black along the lash line and winged up to create a cat-eye.  Thereafter, I swiped some gold on the inner corner of my eye and up above all the black to under the brow bone.  To finish, I used a liquid pen liner along the upper lash line, winging up quite a bit to accentuate the cat-eye.  And for the lower lash line, I lined with By Terry Terrybly Kohl Crayon in Bronze Stellar!  I did not have the time here, but I would most probably wear this out with some feathery falsies!


15 responses to “Givenchy Ondulations D’or Palette”

  1. Shari says:

    WHAT A BEAUTIFUL eye look, Linda!!!

  2. mjacqueline says:

    Oh your enabler! I have to hunt this down. I love gold shades and this looks like such a winner. Where did you get yours from? I love the look you did with it, gorgeous.

  3. bubblymichelle says:

    The black and gold swiped together almost looks khaki! I love it! Already swatched this before I left SG after I saw it on your IG lololol, but I have so many golds and blacks, really didn’t feel like I needed one more, but the packaging lol….. One could hardly resist!

  4. Amria says:

    Oh dear, so luxy! <3 I'd love these colours 😀

  5. pearlessence says:

    The packaging looks so luxurious… I’m not sure I’d be able to pull off the colours, though!

    • silverkis says:

      Of course you can! Black/gold is the easiest combi to wear! Black as a liner / gold on the inner corners… Or just a light wash of gold all over… Or that khaki combi all over… Etc etc!!

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