Givenchy Le Rouge #305 Rouge Egérie

June 27, 2013

Aaahh… I can smell the weekend looming at last!  If the weather holds up, it would be simply divine if we could all just lounge by the pool (hadn’t done that for awhile.. erm… since last Wednesday!) with a nice glass of mojito and catch up on reading (my latest issues of Vogue and L’Officiel are crying to be flipped).  Since half our faces would be covered by our Tom Ford shades anyway, what better way to glam up than with a spicy red lipstick!?!

Givenchy le rouge Egerie

Enter my red lipstick du jour: Givenchy Le Rouge #305 Rouge Egérie I have been seeing so many reviews on this over the past months but have been resisting because I have so many lipsticks that are lining up for their turns.  I finally caved and picked this up couple of weeks back at Sephora using my 10% off discount.

The packaging is unique, for sure, the SA even made me sniff it to prove to me it is genuine leather with that new leather smell.  She really shouldn’t have done that, because I’m one of those weird ones who don’t like the smell of leather!  Ok, but even I have got to admit, for someone who doesn’t really care too much for packaging (what?!??  Yeah right!!  Of course I am a sucker for packaging!  But if the product sucked, I’m still gonna trash it regardless of packaging, yah?)… this lipstick is really quite chic.  The last thing you want is to pull out a cheap, plasticky lipstick from a nice handbag, riiigghhtt???

Givenchy Le Rouge Egerie

Anyway, I digressed.  Thank God the SA redeemed herself when I asked her to recommend a red lipstick, and she chose this gorgeous cool red bordering on fushia that felt young and effortlessly chic.  I realized right away I don’t have such a shade of red in my collection, how amazing is that?  It’s like discovering the 8th color in the rainbow… hmm… yeah…….

Givenchy La Rouge Egerie lip swatch

This new range of Givenchy Le Rouge comes in a creamy matte formula that is so on trend right now.  It glides over my lips like a dream, leaves a velvety matte finish, and feels very comfortable on.  I love that it is very well pigmented, in fact, so pigmented that I actually prefer to dab it on for a lighter touch (for the office).  In terms of staying power though, I’ve seen some reviewers out there putting it at 4-6 hours… something I can never understand for a lip product because I’m constantly sipping either water or coffee throughout the day, and nothing stays.  So, I wasn’t entirely disappointed when Givenchy Le Rouge performed the same way.  What it did though, was left enough of a stain on my lips so that if I just pursed down for a moment, I could get some color redistributed and not be left completely bare.

The more I look at it, the more I love this color!  I think Givenchy Le Rouge #305 Rouge Egérie is perfect for those girlies who are interested in a bolder red lip but are afraid of looking too matured or vampy.  Whichever way it works out, it sure is nice to be able to show some lip (sans masks) while we can!

9 responses to “Givenchy Le Rouge #305 Rouge Egérie”

  1. oh yeah hahahah! i switched the Guerlain and Givenchy alr lol too shagged i think haha! are you confirmed going? hit me on IG perhaps? i’ll see if I have time , me wants! haven’t been there yet ;/

  2. the tube is nice! i need a guerlain enabler haha! i think i only have 1 lipstick from them and a palette so far…i can see u really love Guerlain babe! hope to meet u soon xoxo

    • silverkis says:

      This lipstick is from Givenchy babe… But Guerlain Lippies are great too! Hahaa I can be your Guerlain enabler for sure! Wanna hit the Luxasia sale tog next week?

  3. Thats a lovely shade of red. It looks very wearable for many skin tones

  4. Such a lovely color, Linda! and your bag is gorgeous 😉

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