Givenchy Le Rouge A Porter Whipped Up Some Serious Lip Fetish

June 10, 2015

Ok I have to confess that I’ve been re-reading Fifty Shades of Grey… why?! It all started when I had to leave my car overnight at the workshop, and found myself on a long bus journey home with nothing to do and a couple of ebooks lying on my iPhone. And yes, I’m preparing for the release of “Grey” next week. But back to the topic proper, my inner goddess has been relishing in the sensual feel of the new Givenchy Le Rouge A Porter lipsticks. There is nothing quite like black leather with shiny silver studs to get the blood pumping, and of course, a brand new lush formula to smack around!

Givenchy Le Rouge A Porter

2 years after the successful launch of Le Rouge, Givenchy has launched a whole new collection of lipsticks in a balmy formula with the same chic packaging. Le Rouge A Porter is clad in genuine black leather, with a pyramid stud at the bottom to click the lipstick in place.  The signature Givenchy logo has been carved into the top of the casing.  Even the carton boxes the lipsticks are packaged in have grained leather texture on them.  Every single detail has been well thought out to give the ultimate luxury experience.

Givenchy Le Rouge A Porter packaging details

Givenchy Le Rouge A Porter

Le Rouge A Porter is slimmer than its elder sister, and I’m really loving this new narrower bullet which fits my lips perfectly, giving me greater precision around the edges of the lips without having to reach for a separate lip brush. There are 16 shades to choose from, covering your every day nudes, to feminine rose hues, and some bolder reds and plums. I received 1 as a PR sample, and went back to purchase 2 more, so I have 1 from each “color family” to show you!

Givenchy Le Rouge A Porter

N°104 Beige Floral is from the Les Naturels family, and it is a light-medium mauve that is a great my-lips-but-better shade to wear for everyday. I was initially apprehensive when I saw this shade in the tube as it looked rather brown, and I can’t pull off beige / brown lipsticks. But once I applied Beige Floral to my lips, I realized it is pretty much the exact same shade as my natural lip color, and it covered up any uneven tone and lip lines beautifully. There is also a nice shine to it, not one I would call glossy but definitely a lustrous shine, that makes my lips look more alive.

N°206 Corail Decolleté is from the Les Roses family, and it is a medium salmon pink on my lips despite its name. However I should note that most corals tend to pull pink on me, and this one swatches coral-pink on my arm. It has a lovely brightening effect without being overly bright, and I can see it working well against most skin tone.

N°302 Rouge Atelier is from the Les Creations family and it is a beautiful neutral red in an everyday wearable soft lustrous finish and buildable intensity. It is so easy to wear this lightly as a stain by simply swiping over the lips once, and then amping it up for the evening by swiping on more layers. I’ve been searching for an office-appropriate soft red for a long time, and especially one that is not too warm. Rouge Atelier is a dream come true for me!

And here are some lip swatches to show you the finish of the shades and the colors against my skin:

Givenchy Le Rouge A Porter 104 lip swatch

Givenchy Le Rouge A Porter 206 lip swatch

Givenchy Le Rouge A Porter 302 lip swatch

These new Givenchy Le Rouge A Porter are billed as balmy, but they don’t feel slippery or creamy against the lips at all. I was rather intrigued when I first applied it, because it felt nothing like any of the balm-like lipsticks that I’ve tried recently (for example the Dior Addict Lipstick, Tom For Lip Sheer and Chanel Rouge Coco). But it is extremely comfortable on the lips, and remain so throughout the 4-5 hours it stays on me. They swatch extremely sheer on the arm, but had a surprisingly good coverage on the lips. Regardless, I like going over 2-3 times for greater color intensity (as shown in the lip swatches above).

Givenchy Le Rouge A Porter retails for SGD52 each (3.4gm), which is a little bit on the higher end, and after a week with 206, I’ve already made quite a dent on it. But they sure are a nice luxury to carry around in the purse! You can take a look at N°204 Rose Perfecto on Sunny’s blog here, and N°303 Framboisse Griffe on Tracy’s blog here.

xo Linda

This post featured 1 lipstick that was kindly provided for my consideration by Givenchy Singapore. As noted above, I loved the formula so much I went out and bought 2 more with my own money. So as you can tell, all opinions expressed here are very much my own honest views!

16 responses to “Givenchy Le Rouge A Porter Whipped Up Some Serious Lip Fetish”

  1. all of these shades are great on you! I’m really liking the formula for these 😀

  2. Sofia says:

    I love the packaging of these. I still haven’t got one because I can’t decide which shade to get lol. On your photos I quite like 206!

    • silverkis says:

      Hi Sofia, it’s hard to decide isn’t it! If it helps, the shades are by color family, and I picked the brightest and punchiest colors of the lot. The others are more muted, sweeter, MLBB. That said, there are a couple more vampy shades from the Les Creations (numbered 3xx) family.

  3. Lily says:

    NICE! I don’t need another lipstick, but I haven’t tried any from Givenchy. It’s that curiosity that kills me. LOL!

    • silverkis says:

      I don’t have many things from Givenchy… and if you already have lots of lipsticks then this is not must have. HOWEVER, if you like a good red lip, and have been looking for one that is easy to wear in the day, I would suggest checking out 302… i’ve been looking for something like that for a long time!

  4. Tirurit says:

    These look really flattering! Such a pity that I have no way of getting my hands on them D:

  5. beauty bloss says:

    Fifty shades? Tsk tsk 😉 Narrower lippies always seem much easier to apply, these look stunning on you, the darker one appeals to me the most, but they are all beautiful xx

  6. I love the packaging and red shade is lovely too. Great that they also provide more product, which makes sense since they are a balm like consistency. Gorgeous lippies. I just wish there was a Givenchy counter in Liverpool. Manchester is my closest one

    • silverkis says:

      Hi Mandy, actually I think there is less product in here than the previous matte Le Rouge but sold at the same price 🙁 Inflation is real! Interestingly, I think the color chips online for this line is quite accurate, surely more accurate than hand swatches. So maybe you can just give it a shot? 😉

  7. Thanks for the link love, Linda! I love that red on you. It’s definitely a good easy to wear red 🙂

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