Giorgio Armani Eccentrico Face Palette

January 31, 2014

Happy Chinese New Year everybody!!!  Here’s wishing all a galloping year ahead, let’s all overtake the past years and enter a new era of prosperity so that we can all enjoy even more gorgeous things!!!  Huat ah!!

Ok, I just crapped myself into hysterics…

But seriously, we all need pretty things to look at, like this Giorgio Armani Eccentrico Face Palette

Giorgio Armani Eccentrico Original condition with overspray

When I first spied press images of it, I thought it was all so wrong.  First of all, a chili red casing spells Chinese New Year to me, not very Christmassy at all.  And the muted silvery tones looked to me to be a highlighter, which is probably not too off for year-end parties, but the pink-ish tones felt more spring to me.  Not to mention the USD88 price tag makes me want to scream profanities.  But what those early pictures failed to show (and of course by now we all know based on reviews), is the palette actually is covered by a frosted overspray, which when dusted away reveals this…

Giorgio Armani Eccentrico without overspray

And then I got it!  This is not just a highlighter, but it’s 4 different blushers (or eyeshadow if you are so inclined) and a highlighter in 1, aka Face Palette!  You could either use the shades all gently swirled together to give a luminous sweet rose-pink with a satin finish; or  individually – coral (almost tangerine), medium bright pink, pale lavender-pink, and a shimmery white highlighter.

Giorgio Armani Eccentrico swatches

The product is extremely finely milled, feels almost creamy to the touch.  It applies very true to pan, blends beautifully on the skin, and stays on for a good 8+ hours before fading.  It still feels decidedly spring to me, which is why I’m not shy about reviewing it this late in the game.  Of course the USD88 tag still gives me the chills, but you do get quite a bit of variety with this one palette.  I think it has soldout online, but you may still be able to sleuth it out at a counter nearby.

Thank you Sarah, for generously lending me to more lemmings!  And onwards we go!