Genaissance de La Mer The Infused Lotion & The Eye and Expression Cream

October 29, 2017

There are very few brands out there that is as consistent and luxurious in every way as La Mer.  The ultimate epitomy of the brand’s offering is the Genaissance de La Mer line.  And now, La Mer expands the exquisite offering with 2 new products – The Infused Lotion and The Eye and Expression Cream.

La Mer Genaissance The Infused Lotion & The Eye and Expression Cream

Genaissance de La Mer is an extra precious range of anti-aging skincare that seeks to reverse signs of aging and renew the skin’s youthfulness.  It is powered by the Crystal Miracle Broth which is a pure concentrated version of La Mer’s famed Miracle Broth, slow crafted in extremely small batches.  This Crystal Miracle Broth decreases inflammation and irritation in skin, and boosts elastin and collagen formation.

La Mer Genaissance The Infused Lotion

Genaissance de La Mer The Infused Lotion is the first step in this ritual, and it is one of the most luxurious lotions that I have ever used.  It comes in a biphase cream-in-lotion that feels velvety on the skin.  To use, first give the bottle a good shake, then tip a few drops onto the fingertips and press into the face.

I love how hydrating and soothing this Infused Lotion feels!  My skin is soothed after a long stressful day, any sensitivity is eased away in moments.   The Infused Lotion is incredibly hydrating and nourishing, leaving my skin visibly plumped and smoothened.  For all the impressive benefits it packs, I found it is easy to absorb, does not leave my skin greasy, but preps it perfectly for futher steps in my skincare routine.  To be honest though, I don’t need very much after this… but simply finish up with my favourite Crème de La Mer!

La Mer Genaissance The Eye And Expression Cream

Genaissance de La Mer The Eye and Expression Cream is a new ultra-sumptuous eye cream that targets all the signs of aging.  It fights wrinkles, plummeting up skin and filling out fine lines.  In addition, La Mer The Eye and Expression Cream firms up the eye area and erases dark circles.  It comes with a cool magnetic sea-stone inspired massage tool to help drive the ingredients deep into the skin.

The cream is silky smooth, and the tiniest bit is sufficient for both my eyes.  I like to first tap it around my eye area with my ring fingers, then massage using the prescribed technique [check it out here] all around the eye area including the temples where my crows feet extend. The Eye and Expression Cream powerfully lifts and plumps up the skin around my eyes overnight.  I don’t have very severe dark circles in general so I can’t attest to that.  The massager is absolutely amazing and I would gladly use it with every other eye cream from now on!

This post featured products that were generously provided for my consideration.  Regardless, all opinions expressed here are my own honest, unbiased views.


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  1. Cat L says:

    This post has been sitting on my To Read list since I got the email notification a while back. Although I don’t consider myself a true La Mer fan, I do swear by their Eye Concentrate and have used it for many years. I am very tempted by this new eye cream offering and will definitely grab it as soon as it becomes available here in the States. Great post Linda and stunning photography!
    ~ Cat L.

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