Giorgio Armani Bronze All-Over Palette

July 30, 2013

Before the summer’s over, I decided to snag this limited edition Giorgio Armani Bronze All-Over Palette.  It wasn’t initially part of my summer must-haves because it looked like all the eye shadow shades were readily dupe-able, I probably already own these shades in some variations or other in my stash.  But the bronzer is just-so-drop-dead-gorgeous!!!  When Giorgio Armani sent a friends & family 20% coupon my way, I just went a-clicking away!

This is my very first GA palette, and I just had to stop and stare.  Plastic aside, the design of the palette casing is just so modern, it is Guggenheim-worthy!  I turned it this way and that, and I think I finally got it – it basically comprises of 2 oval shapes set atop perpendicular to each other; to give it those sleek curves.  The palette itself snaps shut with a magnetic closure, so you don’t have to mess up your manicured nails trying to open up some old-fashioned clasp.

Giorgio Armani Bronze All-Over palette

It opens up to first reveal the bronzer layer… have I already mentioned how beautiful it looks??!  The design was inspired by pleated lamé, and has intricately-cut ridges and a shiny metallic overspray.   Once you sweep off the overspray though, the bronzer itself is a lovely creamy golden bronze that gives a soft illuminated look without being too frosty.

Giorgio Armani Bronze All-Over palette - bronzer

I took out a few other Summer 2013 released bronzers and did a quick comparison swatch.  I found this GA bronzer to be quite similar in texture, finish and color as Guerlain Terra Ora, although GA is a bit more bronze and Terra Ora a little more red.  Guerlain 4 Seasons Nude (reviewed here) is the most different as it is the most creamy in texture, leaned more towards pink and was the sheerest.  Dior Nude Tan Paradise bronzer (reviewed here) was also very sheer and light.

Giorgio Armani Bronze All-Over palette - bronzer comparison swatches

This GA bronzer is extremely well pigmented, so a little goes a long way if you intend to be using it all over.  I preferred wearing it only on my cheekbones, to give a summery flush.  I loved that it doesn’t make me look dark, nor does it turn orangey on me.  It actually lasted me all day without fading!

The bronzer layer swings up to reveal a 2nd layer consisting of 3 complementary eye shadows.

Giorgio Armani Bronze All-Over palette - eyeshadow

The eyeshadows surprised me with the intensity of their pigments, and they lasted me ALL DAY without fading or creasing!!!  Despite the shadows all being somewhat shimmery, there was absolutely no fallout from any of them!  Granted, I used NARS Smudge-Proof Eyeshadow Base underneath it, but the results was much more impressive than what I could achieve using NARS eyeshadow palette.  And yes, the colors reminded me alot of NARS’ And God Created The Woman palette (reviewed here), but in reality, they are completely different.

Giorgio Armani Bronze All-Over palette - swatches

The eye shadows are all extremely soft and finely-milled, feels almost creamy to the touch.  The only exception was the light champagne color which felt the most powdery of the three, and required a very light touch to prevent from looking too ghostly.

I was really inspired by Giorgio Armani’s campaign photo, and attempted to recreate the bold smokey eye and simply piled all 3 shades on!!  (I wished I had the model’s sculpted features as well, but we take what we can get!)

Giorgio Armani Bronze All-Over palette LOTD

This is actually my 1st time buying Giorgio Armani beauty products ever since my brief but intense fling with it oh, 10 years back, when the brand first launched its luminous silk foundation.  It was the hottest thing in the US back then, and exclusively carried at Saks.  When I came back to Singapore and it wasn’t so readily available, I kind of just forgot about GA.  This summer’s Bronze All-Over palette has been an incredible way to re-encounter all the marvels of Giorgio Armani.  It’s limited edition, and not sold in Singapore, but if you can, do consider getting it shipped from the US, cos it’s just so lovely!


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  1. the eyeshadow shades are to die for! such perfect summer shades

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