Fresh Winter Face with Rouge Bunny Rouge

November 11, 2015

Hello my dears!! It’s so nice to be back on the blog again… I hope you have enjoyed hearing from the lovely ladies who had guest blogged here over the past 2 weeks. Italy was really awesome, I love the country and it was a much needed break. I’ve some pictures over on my Instagram if you’d like to take a little trip vicariously, and I may write about it some time later here if you’d like to read about it – let me know in the comments below! In any case, while I was traveling, I decided to take things easy on the makeup front, just the barest whisper of color so I look healthy without having to worry about smudging liners or blending colors perfectly. Instead, I focused on ensuring my skin remained healthy and natural looking. Sometime later in the coming weeks, I’ll be sharing some of my skincare essentials for traveling, but today, I’d like to show you some of my favorites from Rouge Bunny Rouge!

Rougebunnyrouge fresh winter face

Traveling can really take a toll on the skin and maintaining that fresh, glowy look is always a challenge.  Healthy, natural skin is still very much in the spotlight this season, and Rouge Bunny Rouge helps us achieve that with its new Evanescence Imperceptible Powder. I had loved the Diaphaneous Impalpable Finishing Powder [reviewed here] when it was released last year, and so I was really excited to have a portable compact version.

Rougebunnyrouge Halo Evanescence Imperceptible Powder

Rouge Bunny Rouge’s Evanescence Imperceptible Powder comes in a slim black lacquared case and a thin sponge that you may carry around by placing it above the powder. I actually prefer using my own brush so I skip the sponge entirely. The surface of the powder is embossed with the most intricate design that survives through several swipes with my brush. What made it even more interesting is that the powder comes in 4 different color variations to lend slight color corrections as needed. The one I have is “halo” and has a slight peachy undertone that brightens slightly without turning me too pink. My buddy Sara has wonderful swatches and descriptions of the other shades here.

Rouge Bunny Rouge Evanescence Imperceptible Powder half-face comparison.  Please click on image to enlarge.

Rouge Bunny Rouge Evanescence Imperceptible Powder half-face comparison. Please click on image to enlarge.

Evanescence Imperceptible Powder in Halo is incredibly finely milled, and so sheer it works more as a finishing powder than anything else. It does help to take away some exess shine, but I would not exctly call this a mattifying powder with oil-control properties. Instead, it helps to smoothen the complexion and evens out the skin tone with a slight brightening effect.  In the half-faced comparison photo above, I was testing out a new foundation which is a little bit darker than my usual and it seems to emphasize my lines and pores.  However, after applying Rouge Bunny Rouge Evanescence Imperceptible Powder to the right side of my face, it looks brighter and more glowy.  Also, it has a lovely blurring capability, to de-emphasize those textural imperfections that my foundation had brought to light.

Rougebunnyrouge powder brush

To apply the powder, Rouge Bunny Rouge has designed a large Powder Brush 001. This is a large, dome-shaped brush with a slightly flattened ferrule. It is made of dyed goat hair, and whilst it did not feel exceptionally soft when I first touched it with my hands, it flows across my skin when applying powder smoothly without prickling or poking my sensitive face. It is a fairly loosely packed brush, which allows for a natural-looking powder application, and could also be used for bronzers and even for dusting on the shoulders and decolletage.

Rougebunnyrouge Silk Aether Long-lasting Duo Cream Eye Shadow

To keep the eyes looking polished effortlessly, Rouge Bunny Rouge Silk Aether Long-Lasting Duo Cream Eye Shadow is one of the easiest products to apply on the go. It comprises of 2 universally flattering shades – a light muted beige for all over base color, and a medium greige that adds a bit more dimension. These come in a silky mousse texture that is lightweight and floats over the lid without emphasizing any lines or surface textures.

Rougebunnyrouge swatches

RBR Silk Aether comes with a doe-foot sponge applicator, and is easy to blend out with the applicator, a separate brush or simply a finger. It stays in its original mousse-like cream texture for the good part of a minute, just enough time to blend and work with, and dries fast enough to allow layering with other cream or powder products without smudging.

Rougebunnyrouge Silk Aether Long-lasting Duo Cream Eye Shadow eotd

I used the lighter beige shade all over my lid, followed by the darker greige shade on the outer corner. This is an easy-to-wear wash of color that works for a barely-there fresh face look, and for some extra definition, I smudged a bronze kohl liner on my outer upper lash line and round the lower lash line as well. Finish with some mascara.

Rougebunnyrouge Glassy Gloss

For the lips, I’ve been favoring the Rouge Bunny Rouge Glassy Gloss in Fleur Parfait. By now, a non-sticky gloss should not be aything new, but rather a pre-requisite for any good glosses. But, somehow I find there is still a “range” of non-stickiness with some leaving the lips still somewhat tacky (though of course we are splitting hairs here). Fleur Parfait falls in the perfectly non-sticky end of the range, and it does contain enough color to be perfectly opaque without becoming a liquid lipstick. I also love that it contains cotton fruit tree extract to hydrate my often-parched lips, and paper birch extract and woodland figwort for additional anti-aging benefits.

Rougebunnyrouge Glassy Gloss swatch

Fleur Parfait is a medium neutral rosewood shade as you can see from the swatches above. With such a lightweight formula, I do not expect the RBR Glassy Gloss to last very long, and it does go away fairly quickly, although a hint of Fleur Parfait still lingers. In any case, it is such a lovely lip-pampering formula that I really don’t mind reapplying throughout the day!

Rougebunnyrouge Fresh Winter Face MOTD

And here is a complete makeup look incorporating all the elements discussed today. It is all about keeping things fresh and natural, a look that can easily be amped up simply by switching out to a bolder lip color or by the addition of a darker shadow to smoke out the eyes.  Easy right?!

xo Linda

This post featured products that were kindly provided for my consideration.  Regardless, all opinions expressed here are my own honest, unbiased views.