Estee Lauder Genuine Glow Collection for Summer 2016

July 11, 2016

Seems a little bit late to be reviewing Summer collections in the midst of July… but today’s beauties deserve a spot on your vanity regardless of seasons.  The search for that transcendent glow and baby-smooth skin is always on, and I am currently obsessed with several pieces of Estee Lauder Genuine Glow Collection!

Estee Lauder Genuine Glow Collection

Clearly in a move to capture more of the younger audience, Estee Lauder has released a capsule collection of hybrid skincare and makeup products that are inspired by the k-beauty glow trend.  The focus is on wind-kissed, sheer flushes of color that nourish, brighten and highlight face, eyes and lips in a natural-but-better way.

Estee Lauder Genuine Glow Priming Moisture Balm & Reviving Oil Lip Tint

There are 2 Estee Lauder Genuine Glow Priming Moisture Balm for the Face and Eyes.  These balms contain triple benefits of perfecting the skin texture, priming for makeup, and hydrating the skin  They have a lovely light-weight gel-like texture that melts into the skin upon contact and is instantly absorbed leaving absolutely no trace behind.  In its place, skin looks porcelain smooth and makeup glides on much easier.

Estee Lauder Genuine Glow Priming Moisture Balm swatches

The formula is oil-free so it does not clog pores, and does not feel silicon-y the way most other primers do.  Instead, these balms are water-based, and include other skin-loving ingredients such as plum and molasses extract to help even skin tone; and lecithin to minimize the look of pores.  The Moisture Balm for face also features SPF15 in Asia!  The Eye Balm lends a light cooling sensation when applied on the eyes, and feature Vitamin C to brighten dark circles; and Sea Algae blend and Golden Chamomile help reduce the look of puffiness.

Estee Lauder Genuine Glow Reviving Oil Lip Tint swatch

I’ve been loving lip oils lately, but nothing prepared me for the innovative Estee Lauder Genuine Glow Reviving Oil Lip Tint.  The oil itself is light and silky, and just about perfect for day wear.  It comes in a twist-up click pen, and the applicator is a novel slanted tip made of rubberized silicon that efficiently and comfortably spreads the product in a thin layer across my lips.  When swatched, it gives a very sheer light pink tint, but when applied over your own lips, the color intensifies according to your natural shade.  On me, the Reviving Oil Lip Tint pulls quite pink and has a slight staining effect to give that k-beauty bitten lip look.

Estee Lauder Genuine Glow Blushing Creme for Lips and Cheeks

I always love blushes on a stick because they are so convenient when you’re on the move, and this season I’m loving Estee Lauder Genuine Glow Blushing Creme for Lips & Cheeks!  These are formulated with hyaluronic acid moisturizers; and Vitamins C and E and luminous optics to leave skin looking fresh with effervescent color.

Estee Lauder Genuine Glow Blushing Creme for Lips and Cheeks swatches

These are slightly sheer, which is perfect if you are trying to achieve that lit-from-within look, and in general it is a much more modern, youthful look than full-on colour.  Simply swipe them along the cheek bones, and dab with fingers to blend out.  There are 2 shades available – Peachy Keen and Sweet Cheeks.  I have to confess though, I’ve not actually used these on my lips because it never occurred to me to, and until I was typing this post and referencing the press release for the first time I didn’t know I was supposed to!  But the shades look lovely enough to be worn on the lips, and the texture feels like it could work well!

Estee Lauder Genuine Glow Eyelighting Creme for Eyes and Face

Lastly, my absolute favourite of the collection has to be these Estee Lauder Genuine Glow Eyelighting Creme for Eyes and Face.  I’ve been trying to replicate those high sheen cheek bones for a long time now, but apart from applying damp brushes to powder (which can be rather inconvenient), or dabbing on liquid illuminators (which I  sometimes find messy due to my small cheek area), I’ve not had much success.  And the whole idea of blotting off your highlighters at mid-day just sort of make it all seem rather in vain.  But now with these handy twist-up click pens, I’m all sorted!  The sponge-tipped applicator head is more commonly seen in liquid concealers, and I think adapting it for highlighters is simply brilliant!  A couple of clicks bring up just enough product which I then apply directly to the top of my cheeks, and then I just dab it out with a finger.  Easy, precise, no mess, no fuss!  And so handy for toting around in my purse!

Estee Lauder Genuine Glow Eyelighting Creme for Eyes and Face swatches

More than just for the cheeks, these Eyelighting Cremes are safe on the eyes too.  You can use them to highlight the brow bone, brighten up the inner corners of the eyes, and even use them as a light wash of color on the lids!  And with these lovely gleaming shades, they are just irresistible to me!

And so, here is a makeup look featuring Estee Lauder Genuine Glow Priming Moisture Balm for face and eyes as primer; Estee Lauder Genuine Glow Blushing Creme for Lips & Cheeks in Sweet Cheeks on the cheeks; topped with Estee Lauder Genuine Glow Eyelighting Creme for Eyes and Face in Gleam Glow; and finished with Estee Lauder Genuine Glow Reviving Oil Lip Tint.  I have yet to perfect the technique for taking pictures in a way to show up the sheen on my cheeks, but trust me it’s there!

Estee Lauder Genuine Glow collection makeup look

Estee Lauder Genuine Glow Collection is now available exclusively at Sephora stores in Singapore for a limited time, and I strongly recommend you check them out asap!

xo Linda

This post featured products that were kindly provided for my consideration.  Regardless, all opinions expressed here are my own honest, unbiased views.

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  1. Lily says:

    Ah, those lip and cheek sticks! I’m a sucker for multi purpose products. Might have to look at these when I’m at the mall one day 🙂

    • silverkis says:

      Yeah me too!!! Although I don’t actually use them both on lips and cheeks at the same time… but it’s nice to know there are options when you’re traveling!

  2. fromSandyxo says:

    The Eyelighting Cremes look fab! Lovely review as alwaysxxo

  3. Dom says:

    Oh I’m really interested in the sponge tip highlighters, what a unique twist to highlighting! You look beautiful Linda! And really it’s never too late for that Summer glow! Xo

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