Caring for My Sensitive Skin With Esemtan Wash Lotion & Skin Balm

August 1, 2015

Growing up with dry, sensitive skin is no fun, and having spent a lifetime dealing with it, I’ve learnt to balance the fine line between using products that are pure sensorial fun and gentle for my skin. I’ve tried all the usual dermatologist-recommend brands out there, and am no stranger to Esemtan Wash Lotion and Skin Balm. Since my skin is currently going through its annual freak out, the gentle duo have made their way back into my bath essentials.

The skin’s barrier function plays a very important function in regulating water loss from the body and protecting the body from external assault. When this barrier function breaks down, irritations such as eczema and other inflammations start to erupt. However, maintaining a healthy barrier function is a delicate task and requires a gentle touch.

Esemtan Wash Lotion

Esemtan Wash Lotion is a gentle soap-alternative which has a pH-neutral formula that respects the skin’s natural balance. It also contains allantoin, which is moisturizing and helps prevent drying out of the skin when washing, and also reduces irritation. The generously-sized bottle is suitable for use on hair, face, and body; and works great on me and my little 2-year old toddler too!

Esemtan Wash Lotion swatch

Very often, when a body wash comes strongly recommended by my dermatologist, it ends up with weak lather or a medicinal scent, neither of which makes for a pleasurable shower. Which is why Esemtan Wash Lotion is a cut above the rest. A tiny drop of the opalescent turquoise Wash Lotion lathers up beautifully when mixed with water, and is sufficient for cleansing most of my body. I then take a bit more for other more specific regions of my body, e.g. underarms, etc. It also has a pleasant mild floral fragrance that will appeal to anybody in the household.

Esemtan Wash Lotion ingredient list

The ingredient list is as straight forward as it gets, which is sometimes the best thing for stressed and sensitive skin.

Esemtan Skin Balm

Right after showering, while the skin is still damp, it is important to apply a good moisturizer all over the body to seal in the moisture and prevent water loss. And for our humid and searingly hot weather, I prefer a lightweight lotion like Esemtan Skin Balm. It contains Urea, which is a natural component of our skin’s tissues and helps to maintain a healthy moisture balance in the skin. More importantly, it helps to accelerate the skin’s cellular renewal process, and strengthens the barrier function. It has also been dermatologically tested to reduce skin irritation [Reference: Skin tolerability test, Dr. Ippen, 1996].

Esemtan Skin Balm swatch

Esemtan Skin Balm is a milky fluid that spreads easily and is instantly absorbed by the skin, leaving no greasy or sticky feeling. This makes it perfect for the morning rush allowing me to get dressed right away; and also for slathering onto my hands throughout the day to soothe my chapped fingers without leaving a trail on everything I touch.

Esemtan Skin Balm ingredient list

Both Esemtan Wash Lotion and Skin Balm may be found at Guardian, Watsons, Unity and NHG in Singapore. For more information, please hop on over to their website at .

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