Hot date with Ellis Faas Hot Lips!

February 12, 2014

Counting down to Valentines’ Day?  This year’s 14th Feb happens to be 元宵, which is the Chinese traditional valentines’ day, thus making this Friday doubly special!  Regardless if you’re spending it with your family in some raucous gathering, or out on a hot date, you can’t go wrong with some Hot Lips… Ellis Faas Hot Lips.

Ellis Faas Hot Lips


I had swatched some Ellis Faas products last year (read here), but wasn’t incredibly taken by the line then.  However, when I got to try the latest lip product, I fell in love instantly!  Consistent with the entire Ellis Faas collection, Hot Lips are lipsticks of the liquid variety.  It is a unique formula that is non-sticky (unlike glosses), incredibly lightweight (unlike lip stains), and packs a whole lot of color!  They don’t leave my lips dry at all, and yet stay put where I apply them never straying.

The product is encased in a sleek silver bullet pen which is a signature of Ellis Faas, and is dispensed via a twisting mechanism.  It does take a number of turns before the very first use, but once the product is dispensed to the top, I only needed 1-2 turns each time before use to get the perfect amount of product.

Ellis Faas Hot Lips dispenser


The tip of the pen is a slanted sponge-like dispenser that feels really comfortable on my lips.  It sounds kind of crazy, but I find this so much more intuitive to apply than traditional lipsticks!

There are 9 shades in the Hot Lips range, and the shade that I have is L406.  This is a medium warm-toned rose color and a very wearable everyday shade.  It also lasts a good 4-6 hours on me despite constant sipping from my mug.  What I love most is that it reapplies perfectly each time, whereas sometimes with lipsticks I find subsequent touch-ups to turn out patchy and cakey.  It has a velvety finish that does not look overly matte nor shiny.

Ellis Faas Hot Lips L406 swatch

Ellis Faas is available at Sccube the Apothecary (, Takashimaya Shopping Center #05-25.


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  1. mjacqueline says:

    Lovely pink Linda, I didn’t have great experiences with Ellis Faas before. I ordered a blush and two eye shadows, the dispensing system for my blush was wonky even after two replacements. I would really love to try out their lipsticks, I guess it’s great that there is a physical store in case I have problems with the dispensing.

  2. carrotoh says:

    The color on the lips is exactly the same as the packaging!

  3. Sunny says:

    OMG a hot date indeed! <3

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