Happy Easter! Here’s a bunny, chick and lots of eggs for you!!

April 19, 2014

Happy Easter!!!  I received some colorful nail polishes recently, and decided that they complemented each other beautifully.  I couldn’t resist dipping into all of them right away, and what better way to get into the festivities than with some Easter-inspired manicure!!

Easter manicure


This is not the kind of look I would sport, my manicurist looked me in the eye and asked if this was really what I wanted for work.  Sure, it’s Easter and we’re attending a children’s party this weekend, why not!  But hang on, what kind of a blog is this?  I am here to talk about the nail polishes that went into designing this look of course!

Dior Wonderland & Jacqueline Burchell nail polishes


First up, I used the Dior Vernis Couture Effet Gel in Wonderland for the pink.  I had discussed the newly reformulated Dior nail polishes in detail during my review of Aventure, and found Wonderland to be quite similar.  It is a lovely pink, has been described as “bubblegum” pink by some, but I find it builds up to a medium creamy pink.  2 coats and it is completely opaque.

The blue and yellow shades are from Jaqueline Burchell!  This is a Singapore born nail polish company (yoo hoo!!) and abides by the principle that life should be more colorful.  I love supporting local companies, and even more so when they are free of damaging chemicals such as toluene, formaldehyde and dibutyl phthalate.  Jacqueline Burchell first started producing gel polishes, and claims to have the most extensive range of gel polishes in the world.  Non-gel color polishes are only launched recently by the brand, and reaches out to the consumers with fresh and fun packaging, as well as some innovative textured polishes.

Jacqueline Burchell I am Peranakan

Jacqueline Burchell Fuzz Balls


I found the formula to be somewhat thinner than I’d like, but they apply smoothly and dry quickly.  3 coats are needed for a fully opaque coverage.  Somehow I managed to ding the edge of 1 of my nails within a day, but that was probably from me ripping into a tonne of new products over-eagerly, which is not unusual for me.  Apart from that, there is no unusual wearing at the edges and I expect this to last me about 3 -4 days before major wear and tear.

Have a blessed Easter holiday, and tell me about it!


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  1. Sil says:

    What a cute look! I hope you had a great Easter! (I’m still eating chocolate :P)

    I like colorful nails too; I find it’s the easiest way to play with colors, even those that you wouldn’t normally wear.

  2. lurkingcaro says:

    Aw, love the chick and bunny details.

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