Enjoy A Fresh Romantic Spring with Diptyque Eau Plurielle

February 20, 2015

It is a tradition during Chinese New Year to visit your close friends and family, big gatherings are common to bring in liveliness, laughter, and warmth to the home. It is indeed nice to take time out to catch up, but sometimes in the midst of all the crowd and raucous festivities, it can get rather overwhelming. This is the time to retreat to your own private oasis of calm, a breath of fresh spring air, a little secret of beauty. And the best way to bring that personal oasis with you, is to wear it on you. I wore Diptyque Eau Plurielle. Diptyque Eau Plurielle Diptyque Eau Plurielle transports me to my own private rose garden. It begins with a fresh citrus burst, nothing overt, but gives the fragrance a crisp beginning… the way the cool morning air invigorates. Like fresh dew on young roses, it introduces the main accord of Turkish roses. This is the heart of Eau Plurielle, soft petals and tender juices. And it is grounded by a hint of geranium to give it an earthy undertone, and sharpened by a touch of ivy. At this point, a wave of soft musk and woods joins the rose bouquet to lend more body to an otherwise ephemeral scent.

“It is the link, the connection that delicately perfumes both skin and fabric, the body and all the materials that enfold it…”

Eau Plurielle is a rare scent from Diptyque that has more uses than a straightforward fragrance. It redefines your personal space as it can be used on linen, sheets, even to scent the air of you room if you are so decadently inclined. Whilst many of us (myself included) have been wearing our fragrances on our garments, prolonged use tends to stain white fabrics yellow due to the essential oil content. As such, normal perfumes are not recommended for sheets (unless you wash your sheets daily). Eau Plurielle is specially formulated to prevent staining, and more importantly, it is a fresh enough scent to give the illusion of lounging in a chateau with an open window overlooking the garden, as opposed to having been tossing in bed wearing last night’s stale perfume. Diptyque Eau Plurielle family and Rosafloria Diptyque Eau Plurielle [SGD130 for 200ml] is a beautiful fresh rose scent that lasts about 4 hours on me, and does not have very long sillage. Precisely that way, it is unobtrusive in crowded places, and remains a private secret that only a select few gets to enjoy. It is also available as a scented oval for small spaces [SGD76], and a very special Rosafolia scented candle [SGD110].

xo Linda

2 responses to “Enjoy A Fresh Romantic Spring with Diptyque Eau Plurielle”

  1. Sunny says:

    Beautiful beautiful photos, Linda! I am enjoying Rosafolia a lot, but pretty sure Eau Plurielle won’t last more than a couple of hours on me (that’s the issue I have with most Diptyque scents). That’s probably good news for my wallet tho! I have such a soft spot for earthy rosy scents 🙂

    • silverkis says:

      Thank you, Sunny! I hadn’t had the heart to light up Rosafolia yet! 🙁 You are right, Eau Plurielle doesn’t last more than a couple of hours on me… but i thought fragrances usually last better on you than me. It’s still worth checking out though… even as a linen spray! ;P

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