Dior Vernis 853 Massai…Some Reds Never Go Out of Style

August 25, 2014

Sometimes we hear terms like “classic” and “timeless” being thrown around, and they conjure up images of old.  But even the Little Black Dress needs to get updated… not every black dress is timeless. Similarly with red nail polish.  Aahh… that preternal shade of lacquer that every woman already possesses, in more than 1 variation in all likelihood.  It is even possible that you already have Dior’s Massai in your wardrobe… after all this is a relaunch of a classic.

Dior Vernis 853 Massai swatch

I don’t have the old version to compare, but from what I can see based on online images, they look very similar.  This is a warm wine red… picture above is taken in sunlight, and shows up fairly bright, but in most other cases it is deeper, darker, without going goth.  This is a ladylike red, one that reminds me of a good bottle of Shiraz… enough body of its own right without having to mix any Cabernet Sauvignon, a warm and smooth concoction, eternally loved.

The relaunch is of the new Dior Vernis Couture Effet Gel formula which is smooth and easy to apply.  2 coats give a beautifully opaque color, and a lovely shiny finish.  It lasted me 3 days without chipping, and only started to wear at the edges under strenuous chores.  In a sea of unusual blues and sombre blacks this season, Dior Vernis 853 Massai is a refreshing change!




4 responses to “Dior Vernis 853 Massai…Some Reds Never Go Out of Style”

  1. ChicScience says:

    Oh no! I am trying to be good and stay on course with my recently started cosmetics diet. Now I need Massai.. 🙂 It looks lovely on you XO 🙂

  2. Noodles says:

    Massai is a lovely shade for your fingers! I’ve skipped on this for now as I brought a few reds from Givenchy this year so must keep the beast of want leashed!

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