Dior Spring/Summer 2014 Backstage Box

May 7, 2014

After swatching all the Dior Transat eyeshadow palettes, I decided to pass on them because they all felt somewhat powdery to me. And also, I am sucker for nice prints, which was sadly lacking. Then on my way back to the office, I was led to the Dior Backstage store by a dear friend (you know who you are!!), and this happened:


Dior Printemps-Ete 2014 Backstage Box contents

The Dior Printemps-Ete 2014 Backstage Box is exclusive to the Dior Backstage stores, and available in very limited quantities. This edition contains unique items that are inspired by the Spring/Summer 2014 fashion runways, where Pat McGrath painted the models’ brows and lids a shimmery gold and applied an aquatic blue as liner. It is impossible to recreate that look without some serious makeup artistry tools, much less wear it out to work without scaring the crap out of everybody. Instead, for us everyday people, Dior has curated this 5 Couleurs palette:

Dior Printemps-Ete 2014 backstage eyeshadow palette

Certainly an easier palette, but still not one for the faint-hearted. It consists of 3 sumptuous gold powders – a pale yellow gold, a bright copper, and a pale barley gold. All 3 are very shimmery and have a sheer color base, in fact, they are more akin to Tom Ford glitters than actual colored shadows. Consequently, they are best patted on over the matte shades.  However, they can be applied wet to achieve an almost foil-like finish.

They are supplemented by 2 matte colored shadows – a light sea green and an aqua blue. Both of these are softer and apply smoother than both the Transat palettes, but of course with such light shades, they tended to be sheerer in pigmentation, especially the sea green. Regardless, they are buildable, easier if applied wet or used over a darkening base.

Here are some swatches to give you an idea of the color shades and finishes:

Dior Printemps-Ete 2014 backstage eyeshadow swatches

The easiest way to wear this palette is simply with either the blue / green / combination of the 2 all over the lid, and then dab some of the gold glitters on top. The color is not too over the top for a day in the office, and the light colors have a brightening effect on my eyes.

Another way to play with the palette is to introduce a darker base color, like NARS Iraklion which is a smokey quartz with a metallic sheen, and blended the blue into the inner half of the lid. Dabbed a bit of the copper gold glitter over for fun… and voila:

Dior Printemps-Ete 2014 backstage eyeshadow EOTD 2

To round up the Printemps-Ete Backstage Box, Dior has included a Rouge Dior. This is a very wearable every day shade, a warm coral pink with a satin finish. It is creamy and goes on like a dream.

Finally, there is a gorgeous sunny orange Dior Vernis which is reviewed here! To be honest, this was the item that first caught my eye and lured me in. I will be back with a full set of nail swatches soon!

The Dior Printemps-Ete Backstage Box is available for sale on Harrods at GBP84.



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