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May 1, 2014

I had the chance recently to sample some of Dior’s finest skincare – the Prestige & Prestige White Skincare Range.

Dior Prestige skincare


“As fine skin is like a fragile jewel, Dior has created Dior Prestige, exceptional skincare that is specially designed to meet the needs of delicate skin. “

Dior Prestige is an ultra luxury skincare line that is centered around the Rose de Granville, a specially cultivated rose species that boasts twice the cellular vitality of a traditional rose.  Dior researchers have spent 9 years to develop exclusive processes to extract the potent properties of Rose de Granville, while ensuring that they remain pure and intact.  The Rose de Granville nectar promises to soothe and repair micro-inflammations that cause skin aging; revitalize the skin and provide deep-down regenerative action; and protect the skin, leaving it fully replenished.

Rose de Granville


Building on the success of the Prestige line, Dior has also launched a Prestige White range specially tailored for Asian skin.  It combines the global anti-aging properties of the Rose de Granville as described above, with the whitening properties of the White Peony to bring youthfulness and radiance.

Dior Prestige White


The Dior Prestige White range promises to help skin become denser and fuller; brightness restored, reducing dullness, yellowness and dark spots.  It even boasts of reducing the appearance of dark spots by 40% within a month’s use.

I was provided some generous deluxe samples to try out the key pieces within both the Dior Prestige and Prestige White lines.  I started with the Prestige White range, first using them twice daily – morning and evening.  That lasted me for about 2 weeks, then I switched to the Prestige range and only used that in the evening for another 2 weeks.  The items I sampled were:

Dior Prestige skincare samples


Overall, the entire Dior Prestige and Prestige White collection smells wonderfully of roses… not your everyday cloying grandma scent, but an elegant couture perfume that envelops the senses.  I did not find the fragrance overpowering, but it does linger for a bit so if you are very sensitive to fragrances in skincare, do ask to try it all out before making a purchase.

The textures are individually elegant, as you would expect from an ultra-luxury line from a high-end label.  The lotion goes on smoothly and absorbs quickly without any stinging or tightening as some lotions are wont to do.  The serums are light – the Prestige White Satin Brightening Serum is a light milky fluid whilst the Prestige Satin Revitalizing Nectar is a yellowish gel-fluid.  Both absorb quickly without leaving a trace on my skin.  The moisturizing creams have a light air-whipped texture that are a real pleasure to use.  And the eye cream has a dense but silky smooth texture that feels amazing.

I enjoyed my past month’s journey with Dior Prestige and Prestige White, but I cannot say conclusively that this is the range for me.  Whilst I enjoyed every bit of it, I did not experience any “wow” moments… although admittedly I have been very pampered with skincare so it is the rare product that blow me away.  But we are talking top dollars here, so it is not unreasonable to expect extraordinary results.  If I were to examine my skin minutely, I would say there is some firming.  But I did not feel more moisturized, nor more radiant than before.  And when I transitioned from Prestige White to Prestige, I found my skin starting to break out.  Not in a catastrophic way, but a couple of tiny bumps would pop up here and there throughout the time I was using Prestige.

If I were to pick my favorite of the bunch, I would say the Dior Prestige White Satin Brightening Eye Cream.  It never irritated the delicate skin around my eye area throughout the month I was using it, and was never too rich that it caused milia seeds to pop up.  This in itself is an achievement as my lids tend to flare up for no rhyme or reason from time to time.  And whilst I did not notice it right away while using it, the day after I switched out to another eye cream, I noticed my lids looking droopier.  Which convinces me there is some good lifting properties to the Dior Prestige White Satin Brightening Eye Cream!  And with SPF15 built in, this a rare find and deserving of some love!

The Dior Prestige & Prestige White collections are priced from SGD150 onwards.  To find out more about the range, you may head on over here.  xoxo


2 responses to “Luxury Skincare: Dior Prestige”

  1. Barbara Wall says:

    I totally understand the reason about the break outs!

    I was under very, (believe me) very strong medications for years and this treatment was my salvation!

    My MUA at my Dior counter, told me that I needed an infusion of youth among other things. She knows me about ten years ago… She knows my skin and the changes, now without that medication and trying Dior Dream Skin I’m in love!

    I just apply on my face one essential (for eyes and sunscreen) and dream skin and set with a powder! Done!

    Dior prestige is not for everyone, and I don’t mean it because is very expensive, it’s because the necessity of everyone skin, like me, was because medication in my 20’s and was a bummer but at that time was ok to feel myself pampered with luxury 🙂

    • silverkis says:

      hi Barbara, thank you so much for leaving a note and sharing your experiences! Yes I understand rich creams are not for everyone. And you are so right in that our skin conditions change over time, so maybe someday I’ll be able to use Dior Prestige White again! I LOVE Dreamskin too!!!

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