Fall 2013: Dior Le Vernis Mystic Magnetics

July 29, 2013

Hello Monday!  I cannot believe the weekend is over, and more importantly, I CANNOT BELIEVE the summer is almost over!  Fall collections are hitting the stores already, and I was super excited to see Dior’s Fall 2013 Mystic Metallics collection!!!  For today’s Mani-Monday post, I’m thrilled to be able to introduce you to the new Dior Vernis Mystic Magnetics!

Dior Le Vernis Mystic Magnetics

This is the first magnetic nail polish from a high fashion brand, and I absolutely had to be one of the first to try it out!  I’ve tried magnetic polishes from drugstore brands in the past, but I’ve always had a problem with them actually working.  The main issue was holding the magnet steady as close to the nail as possible without actually touching and messing up the polish.  Some of the magnets were either too small or too unwieldy.  Trust Dior to get it right!

Dior Le Vernis Mystic Magnetics

As you can see, the magnet was big enough to cover the entire nail with enough room to spare.  I love that it is curved at one end so you can rest it on the fleshy part a slight distance from the cuticle bed, and it doesn’t move quite as much!  It takes a bit of getting used to, but voila!

Dior Le Vernis Mystic Magnetics swatch

The waved pattern shows up in about 30 seconds, but you can hold the magnet for longer (up to 2 minutes according to the instruction sheet) for a more distinct shape.  I found the formula dries very fast, so if you work slow, it would be better to lay it on thicker so there is time for the magnet to work its magic.

Dior Le Vernis Mystic Magnetics swatch

The formula was also nicely opaque in 1 coat (as shown above), although the instruction sheet said to use 2 coats – 1 for basic color, then a 2nd for the magnet to work on.  On its own, Mystic Magnetics is a gorgeous blue-grey with a metallic finish… simply divine!

Mystic Magnetics came with the extra wide, flat brush that I’ve grown to be completely dependent on.  It makes applying nail polishes a complete breeze!  I’m also happy to find that this stayed on my nails a lot longer than my previous encounter with Diablotine (read here)!  At SGD$42 a bottle (10ml), Mystic Magnetics is a bit more expensive than the usual polishes, but it is truly an exceptional one.  Give it a try if you get the chance, and let me know how you liked it!


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  1. Can you apply a gel top coat over it and still see the effect?

  2. wow i’m in love with that effect

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