Dior My Lady Blush in Soft Coral

February 10, 2014

For Spring 2014, Dior’s Trianon collection (first reviewed here) has an extended Dior in Bloom Kingdom of Colors Collection, which is exclusive to Japan.  Kingdom of Colors consists of a few limited edition items, but in my opinion, the star of the show is the exclusive Dior My Lady Blush!

Dior My Lady Blush 002 coral


There are 2 renditions of the Dior My Lady Blush – 002 Soft Coral as I have here, and 003 Pink (reviewed here).  Based on press images available online, I have expected Soft Coral to be, well… more coral.  However, it is actually a medium neutral pink (if you look hard enough perhaps some tinges of peach emerges).  It is embossed with Dior’s iconic Cannage interlaced-woven design, in 3 varying hues.  Look how pretty!

Dior My Lady Blush 002 coral closeup

The blush itself comes in a hefty shiny silver case protected by the standard black velvet sleeve.  There is also an accompanying mini kabuki brush protected by its own blue velvet jacket.

Dior My Lady Blush casing


Soft Coral feels somewhat hard to the touch, and it took a firmer touch and a bit of swipes to swatch properly.  However, with a dense cheek brush, it was easy to pick up enough for a lovely, blendable flush that lasts throughout my day!

And since this is not easily accessible outside of Japan, here are a few comparison swatches to help you decide how far you’d go to get hold of it:

Dior My Lady blush 002 coral swatch comparison


I grabbed a few of the blushes that I thought were of similar color depth:

Dior My Lady Blush (7350 yen for 10gm) is only available in Japan (Isetan, Shinjuku) for a limited time, and may be already soldout by now!  But it doesn’t hurt to beseech the makeup gods to dispense more of such beauties on us!


This blush has now been released at Saks Fifth Avenue, and is available for purchase online at USD60 each!!  They are named “Diorblush Cannage Edition” for your information.


0 responses to “Dior My Lady Blush in Soft Coral”

  1. Danielle says:

    Thank you for the post! The blush is stunning! Do you know how it compares to Dior’s Corail Bagatelle? (From this Spring’s Trianon set)

  2. Reblogged this on thefabcompany and commented:
    What a stunning blusher! Great for a Valentine’s date! <3 <3 <3

  3. Shari says:

    LOL on flying to Japan to get if it suits my fancy!! I wish! Looks lovely, though. Especially the embossing. But maybe not worth the trip to japan! On the other hand, would love to go there to get me some Suqqu and Three!

  4. lunalunaface says:

    I’m waiting so eagerly for mine to be brought back!! The pictures I’ve seen so far are all soooo gorgeous!

  5. fabulousnerd says:

    omg the blush is so gorgeous!!!

  6. mjacqueline says:

    Linda, this is such a pretty blush, I’m so envious 🙂

  7. Sunny says:

    Oh gosh, this is gorgeous! It’s a pity it’s SO painfully limited tho! If the kabuki brush is the same with what came with Coral Glow last summer, it’s pretty good for buffing powder foundation into the skin. I use mine all the time 🙂

  8. Oh, love the design and the shade. Too coral things tend to look too warm on me. All of these point to a purchase of Bed of Roses I guess 😉 How do you like that one?

  9. pearlessence says:

    “And since this is not easily accessible outside of Japan, here are a few comparison swatches to help you decide how far you’d go to get hold of it”

    Hahaha you’re hilarious! It is so pretty I don’t think I want it for the colour, but rather just the design 😛

    • silverkis says:

      Oh, I tend to be rather utilitarian when it comes to my makeup… of course pretty is a nice plus that warrants paying a premium for (which this certainly charges!). If the design is really that unforgetable for you, then surely you need to hunt this one down!

  10. Amria says:

    They work so hard on making these incredibly beautiful 🙂

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