Dior Manucure Transat Nail Polish 700 Sailor

June 9, 2014

Welcome to Mani-Monday again!  Today I celebrate a no-blues Monday with a true blue manicure!  Dior Vernis Sailor (700) is one of the Manucure Nail Polish & Couture Sticker Duo that is part of the Dior Summer 2014 Transat Edition release.  I had discussed the package contents and introduced the concept of these Manucure sets last week during my review of Yacht (here), and today I shall spend a bit more time on the couture stickers.

Dior Manucure Transat 750 Sailor


Sailor is a creamy blue nail polish that is distinctly blue with a bold punch.  It is medium dark, without being too navy, and sizzles in a way that is almost electric.  It is nicely opaque in 2 coats, and dries down to a shiny finish.  However, I still like to finish off with 1 coat of Dior’s Gel Coat as it gives a gel-like luster to my nails and helps the polish stay chip-free for longer.

Dior Manucure Transat 750 Sailor NOTD


I was first disappointed by the couture stickers when I realized they are transparent, and need to be applied over a coat (or 2) of nail polish.  It sounds simple enough but it really needs the nail(s) to be completely dried before applying the sticker(s).  Which meant 1-2 hours or more.  Who has the time to sit around waiting to apply the stickers?!

Of course, if you are able to apply the sticker perfectly the very 1st go, without trying to move it around at all, then that is not a big problem.  The trouble is the 3-striped design needs to be applied very precisely in order to align itself perfectly with the top edge of your nail.  Compound the problem when all 10 digits are freshly painted and you are trying to do it with 1 hand.  That is some serious acrobatic exercise.

These stickers are rather different from the other nail stickers that I’ve used in the past… they are rather thick and stiff.  That made it all the more difficult to work with, and no matter how i positioned it, I just could not get it to lie completely flat across the entire nail.

I’m not sure Dior thought it completely through when they were designing these stickers, because you are supposed to line the stickers along the nail bed, and then file off the excess at the top.  However, if I did that with these stickers, I would be shearing off the entire design.  The only way is to cut the sticker off along the nail bed, which is really difficult to do properly, again requiring some level of dexterity that I don’t possess.

Post-experiment, I think the easiest way to wear these stickers is to first cut them off along the last stripe, and then apply it to the top half of your nail.  This way, you don’t have to mess with trying to cut the sticker off along your nail bed, and it would also hug the curvature of your nail better without sticking out and forming ridges.

All in all, a nail polish & sticker duo seemed like a perfectly great idea… I even enjoy the simple but classy design.  Sadly, it was not well executed.  The nail polish itself is top notch, and will be seeing alot of wear from me this season.  However, we did pay extra for those stickers and that felt like money down the drain.

Have you tried these Dior couture stickers, and if so, did they work for you?  xoxo

6 responses to “Dior Manucure Transat Nail Polish 700 Sailor”

  1. I must admit i was very intrigued by the stickers and DIor make them look so easy to apply in the video but now you have said what an ordeal it is, i will not be buying them but i do love that shade of nail polish. Great, very informative review.

    • silverkis says:

      Thank you! Yes, it always looks so easy until you put them to the test isn’t it? But then again, i’m a real klutz sometimes… so maybe others would have better luck? I love that shade of blue too, I just wished we didn’t have to pay so much more for the stickers.

  2. Sunny says:

    Hey Linda, I had no problem filing the excess off, but the stickers definitely didn’t want to lie completely flat on my nails! I do really love the shades, but I’m not sure the stickers are worth the extra bucks. Although maybe my nails are just too short and not curved enough? Hmm.

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