Dior Hydra Life Essence-in-Gel & Skin Perfect Moisturizer

June 19, 2013

This haze is making me seriously crave water… both for me and my skin.  Some part of me feels like i’m on a desert, and increasing my hydration level will *hopefully* help purge whatever toxic stuff that i’m surrounded with.  So, i’m going to start going through my small collection of hydrating skincare samples and review them over the next few days / weeks.

To start, i thought i’d try out this pair of Dior Hydra Life Youth Essential Hydrating Essence-in-Gel and Skin Perfect Pore Refining Perfecting Moisturizer samples.

Dior Hydra Life skincare

Neither are new to the market, but this is my very first foray into Dior’s skincare range, and I am pleasantly surprised.  The Dior Hydra Life range of skincare promises to provide intense hydration to the skin on a cellular level.

Dior Hydra Life Youth Essential Hydrating Essence-in-Gel is a gel-based serum that can be applied on the cheeks and other drier spots on the face, perfect for my combination skin with oily T-zone.  It absorbed instantly, and doesn’t leave any sticky or oily feeling on my skin.  In fact, I used it in combination with 2 of my regular serums (SK-II Repair C and Guerlain Blanc de Perle Pearl Drop Whitening Essence), and I had no trouble with feeling of weightiness.

Dior Skin Perfect Pore Refining Perfecting Moisturizer is a gel-like lotion that has a silky texture that spreads out very easily so that a tiny pearl sized was sufficient for my entire face.  This was supposed to minimize pores whilst providing moisture, however, I did not quite notice any pore-minimizing effects.  Regardless, it did work very well with the Essence-in-Gel to provide all-day hydration.

I actually started using this sample duo sporadically when my skin was still experiencing some bout of eczema flare-up, and I was happy to find that it didn’t sting nor cause any redness.  Prolonged use also didn’t cause any breakouts nor clog my pores.   As such, I would actually strongly recommend them to anybody looking for good hydrating skincare, and has sensitive skin concerns.  If I were to compare with Guerlain Super Aqua Serum and moisturizer (reviewed here), I would say Guerlain’s smell so much better.  Indeed, the smell is probably the only reason stopping me from purchasing the full-sized items.  But then again, scents are very personal, so you may prefer Dior’s.  Also, I found Guerlain Super Aqua Serum (the original) to take much longer to be fully absorbed, whereas the new lighter formula was not hydrating enough for me.

Have you tried either Dior Hydra Life Youth Essential Hydrating Essence-in-Gel or Dior Skin Perfect Pore Refining Perfecting Moisturizer?  If so, did you love or hate it?  Also, do you have any fave hydrating skincare range to recommend?  Would love to hear from you!  XOXO

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