Dior Fall 2016 Capital of Light 5 Couleurs Palette

August 16, 2016

The week has just flown by… I’ve been obsessed with Pokemon Go since it launched in Singapore slightly over a week ago.  The struggle is real my dear friends, I find myself wandering unknowingly into strange places I never been to before… I actually suggested going to the park (that’s a first!!)… and I may or may not have woken up several times last night to catch some pokemon!  #interventionneeded!  And so, I was determined this evening to get started on a series of review for #Dior #Fall2016 Skyline Collection which I have been planning for days… but it is past midnight now that I am able to finally pull myself away from the evil game, so pardon me if I’m not entirely coherent!

Dior Fall 2016 makeup

I’ve not felt very compelled by Dior makeup much this entire year, then this collection came along and totally blew me away!  I tried to remain astute, even carried a healthy dose of cynicism with me to the store, but succumbed anyway and came home with that palette that everyone has been showing off all over Instagram.  Let me assure you, Dior 5 Couleurs Palette in Capital of Light (806) is even more beautiful in real life.  The embossed pattern on the palette reminds me of the architecture of the Eiffel Tower… the pattern of lattice-work on the columns and the curve of the tower itself.  If you have ever stood in the center of the base and looked skywards, this is exactly what you would have seen.  And given all the grief from earlier this year, I applaud Dior’s homage to that Capital of Light.

Dior Fall 2016 Capitol of Light palette

The colors in Capital of Light is classic Dior, the unmistakeable combination of pretty and elegant.  It seems to me that every season, Dior pulls out a plummy-brown palette, which I will proceed to pounce upon the moment it lands in stores.  Even knowing that, what eventually got me to whip out my wallet was not merely the beautiful design, but the quality of this season’s 5 Couleurs Palettes is noticeably improved!

Dior Fall 2016 Capitol of Light closeup

And the corresponding swatches are:

Dior Fall 2016 Capitol of Light swatches

From left to right, the swatches are:

There are many ways to wear this palette, and I would recommend maybe using just 2-3 shades each time.  However, for the sake of experimentation for this blog (and because #pokemongo), I attempted to wear errr-thang!

Dior Fall 2016 Capitol of Light eotd

And you know what?  It didn’t turn out too bad after all!  I started by applying the light-medium pink all over the lid, and found that I needed to layer it on quite a bit for the color to show up on my strangely darkish lids.  Thereafter, I smoked out the edges with the dark brown, taking it up the crease slightly.  After that, I patted the plum on the middle (veering a little more to the outside) of my lid, had to do that quite a bit for the color to show up above all the earlier layers, but I was using a feather touch to minimise damage to the print.  Finally, I added a pop of the frosted grey on the inner corner, and finished by lining my lower lash line with the dark brown.  Oh, and just for the heck of it, I used a little of the barley to blend out my crease.

And the full look in context:

Dior Fall 2016 Capital of Light MOTD

I love how well this look photographed, and a pinky-purple smokey eye always wins brownie points (or poke coins??!) in my book.  Of course, this is not a new color combination, in fact I have reviewed many similar palettes in the past.  Regardless, it is a wearable one that works for day and night, and suits a variety of ladies.  In a sea of haute makeup, with extra edgy sauce to them, Dior Capital of Light 5 Couleurs Palette is a refreshing change!  And of course, that incredible print makes this a museum piece!  It is limited edition of course, so grab it at the nearest Pokestop if you can!

xo Linda

6 responses to “Dior Fall 2016 Capital of Light 5 Couleurs Palette”

  1. Huyen Icy says:

    Hi, it is indeed a very seductive and charming look you created. Could you also kindly let me know the lipstick you used for this look? Thanks a lot 🙂

  2. Kédidja says:

    Love that palette. Indeed the colors combination isn’t new, it’s so elegant and in my comfort zone though… Love the entire look too. What lippy do you use please ? Is it a new Dioraddict from Fall ? Have a lovely day Linda and catch them all #pokemongo 😂

  3. Lily says:

    You’re right. It’s even more beautiful in real life. I love using the brown shades for every day. The pink gives an element of surprise, and I like that it’s quite warm so it doesn’t clash with our skin tone. Love the look you created here, Linda. Beautiful as always!

    • silverkis says:

      I think Dior really excels in creating these easy to wear, effortlessly elegant palettes. Somehow cooler tones work better on me in general… plummy-brown palettes always get me!! Looking forward to your Sunday makeup post!! :*

  4. Jenn says:

    This quint is so stunning. The embossing is just perfection. I love the look you created, both soft and smoky. I hope I can bring myself to use mine soon!

    • silverkis says:

      Thank you Jenn! I’m in love with these palettes too… and i suspect they’ll be going into my “museum” soon… to be admired, not to be touched! LOLOL!

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