Dior Eclosion Blossoming Top Coat for Spring 2015

January 19, 2015

Dior has released an epic collection for Spring this year (read here), and one of my personal favorite is the Eclosion Blossoming Top Coat.  I’m not usually fond of chunky top coats but this one is so cheerful with its multiple pastel colors resembling ice cream sprinkles, in varying shapes to make it even more fun.  It is mainly green, but there is yellow, pink and blue in there.

Dior Eclosion Blossoming Top Coat swatch

The problem with these chunky top coats is the brush tends not to pick up the bits well, and applying multiple layers to get to the desired density creates an overly thick and invariably bumpy layer of polish.  The best way to work it is to first apply a thin layer using the brush, and then use a toothpick to pick out the pieces from the bottle and lay it down exactly where you want them.  I did attempt to apply straight from the brush, and found that a minimum of 2 coats is needed to get sufficient pieces down, as shown on my littlest finger above.  However, there is no way of determining how much gets laid down where, which is why I still prefer the toothpick method.  What I did appreciate about Eclosion is that the pieces are all very thin and they lie flat easily.

Dior Eclosion Blossoming Top Coat swatch

I’m never a big fan of applying glitter all over the nail, and I much prefer concentrating on the tips or along the side of the nail.  I applied it on top of Estee Lauder Pure Color Envy Nail Lacquer in Impassioned (reviewed here) in the swatches above to better show off the colors in Eclosion, but it actually looks quite pretty applied over a pale base shade like Dior Vernis Lady as demonstrated by Sara here.  The possibilities are endless with this one, after all, who doesn’t like a healthy serving of sprinkles!

How do you feel about chunky top coats?

xo Linda