Dior Constellation Eyeshadow Palette

October 15, 2013

Before Fall completely escapes us, I would like to post a quick review on the Dior Constellation Eyeshadow Palette, which was part of the Dior Mystic Metallics collection.

Dior Constellation Eyeshadow palette

It has been a long time since I picked up any Dior eyeshadow palettes, as I found the powders to be generally not of my liking.  However, I was enraptured by the star prints on this palette, and I was very into purple for FW2013, so I finally picked it up at DFS last month at a big discount to regular retail.

Here are the swatches, clockwise starting from top left of the palette.

Dior Constellation swatches

I did a very quick 1-second swatch of Dior Constellation using my fingers whilst I was at DFS and I thought they felt surprisingly creamy to the touch.  http://silverkis.com/wp-content/uploads/2013/10/Dior-Constellation-swatches-1-e1404916598185.jpgHowever, I must not have dipped into all 5 shades, and was disappointed when I finally had more breathing room back home.  I think I was suffering from duty-free shopping loss of logical mind.

The textures of the shades are good for Dior, some better than others, but I’ve been spoilt rotten by Guerlain and Tom Ford, and so found some shades to be rather dry.  But generally, with the exception of 1-2 shades, I found the pigmentation to be somewhat on the sheerer side and required quite a heavy hand to show up on my skin.

The individual shades, from left to right in the swatch photo above, or a clockwise order from top left of the palette, are:

As mentioned in my commentary above, I had quite a bit of difficulty getting the colors to show up distinctly on my lids.  This was not an easy palette to use!!  After experimenting with it quite a bit, I think this was due to a combination of the sheer pigmentation and the lightness of the shades.  In order to get them to work, I used Tom Ford’s eyeshadow primer, and patted on the colors as thick as I could get them.  But there was a tendency then to over-blend, leading to a muddy mess.  Below was the best that I could do, but i’m still disappointed at how poorly the pewter shade came through.

Dior Constellation EOTD

Overall, this was a very pretty looking palette, with a great mix of colors for purple lovers.  Used singly, they are quite lovely though a heavier hand may be needed.  Personally, I found it somewhat challenging to blend all 5 shades together in 1 look.  For those who are obsessed and would like to collect just to take it out to admire once in awhile, do act fast before they are taken off the shelves.


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