Dior Bird of Paradise Le Vernis Samba duo

May 2, 2013

A quick mid-week polish change!  Partly because my last set got all torn up, and also because I couldn’t wait to dip my fingers into my latest Dior Le Vernis duo: Bird of Paradise in Samba!  These are limited edition, and are part of 2 pairs of minis (each 7ml, vs 10ml for the usual) that Dior is offering for Summer 2013.

Dior Bird of Paradise Samba duo

Samba comes in a set of 2 mini varnishes – 402 (left) is a gorgeous matte green, and 794 (right) an iridescent blue-green.  They come in a wonderful wide bristle brush that made application a breeze (although i’m still a horrible klutz who manages to mess up my polishes all the time!).  The formula is also one of the best i’ve tried, going on nicely opaque upon first application, although I found 402 to tend towards streaky just a tad (although that may be a problem with my base…time to replace!).

Instead of an accent nail (getting bored of that), i initially wanted to do a v-shaped inverse french, but did not have enough time to wait for the polish to dry completely. So, I ended up with a color-blocked look instead.  Hopefully this will give you an idea of how the 2 polishes complement each other.

Dior Bird of Paradise Samba NOTD

There are 2 coats of 402 on all the nails except my little finger (1 coat… you can barely tell them apart!) and 1 coat of 794 on the tips (again, marvelous coverage).

My pet peeve is that Dior’s Samba (just like their Spring releases…read here) chips and literally peels right off my tips straight away.  Not cool, Dior, not cool.

Regardless, Dior’s Bird of Paradise Le Vernis duos are flying right out of their storerooms, faster than they can get the testers and displays up.  Do check them out if you can, hopefully they last longer on your tips than they do on mine, because they are so gorgeous!

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