My Skin’s SOS Saviors: Dermagold

May 31, 2015

I’ve been alluding to a few of new products that have been helping me look my best lately, and you’ve already seen 2 of the 3… the first being regular deep cleansing & exfoliation with the Clarisonic Sonic Radiance Brightening Solution [reviewed here], and the incredibly smooth finish of the Cle de Peau Cream Foundation [reviewed here]. Today, I’d like to introduce a special range of skincare that I’ve been trying out for the past 2 months that have really helped rescue my skin from its worst conditions – Dermagold.

Dermagold skincare

Dermagold was founded 10 years ago by 2 medical doctors and childhood friends, in search for simple yet more effective skincare. As they were unable to find something in the market that satisfactorily met their own needs, the duo decided to create their own line of skincare products that harnessed the best of science and nature. Until recently, Dermagold has only been sold exclusively at their clinic and family and friends. In early 2013, they decided to take the Dermagold line of products to the market and make it more accessible to the masses.

As my skin was in a very fragile state at the point when they first approached me, I was prescribed with 3 of their star products for sensitive skin.

Dermagold Skin Elixir

Dermagold Skin ElixirThe star of Dermagold’s range of skincare is its Skin Elixir [SGD128 for 30ml], a lightweight gel-fluid serum that is packed with skin-loving nutrients.  The most notable is seabuckthorn berry, which is loaded with antioxidants including Vitamins C and E, and lots of omega fatty acids.  It has the ability to decrease wrinkles and fine lines, boost moisture for dry and damaged skin, promote skin’s natural healing and regeneration, treat scars and protect against free radical damage.

Apart from seabuckthorn, Skin Elixir also contains a whole cocktail of wonderful ingredients.  Echinacea Purpurea extract prevents premature aging of the skin; Jojoba seed oil moisturizes, is anti-inflammatory and antibacterial; soluble collagen helps to plump up the skin; and glycine soja oil reduces cellular damage caused by UV and stimulates collagen production in the skin.

It felt somewhat gel-like when freshly pumped out, but it spreads easily over the entire face and is absorbed instantly without leaving any trace or sensation on the skin at all.  Skin feels perfectly comfortable, and ready for the next skincare step.  This Skin Elixir was the first Dermagold product I tried, and it was after a prolonged period of skin sensitivity.  Within days of use, my skin had full recovered!  Since adding Skin Elixir to my routine, my skin has become much more resilient and healthier than it has ever been!

Dermagold Miracle C+

Dermagold Miracle C+

Miracle C+ [SGD69 for 15ml] is one of Dermagold’s star products and it is uniquely interesting as it contains 18% Vitamin C, one of the highest concentrations in a non-prescription product you will ever find.  Unlike other more commonly found versions of Vitamin C serums, Dermagold uses the Vitamin C Ester, which is less irritating on the skin than the more popular (cheaper to produce) ascorbic acid, and also better absorbed by the skin.  To make Miracle C+ even more friendly on sensitive skin, it contains a high amount of aloe vera juice to soothe, hyaluronic acid to boost hydration, and jojoba oil to moisturize.

This has a very watery texture and feels very hydrating on my skin.  It is easily absorbed and does not leave any stickiness behind, and it is easy to layer on moisturizer afterwards.  Despite my skin’s natural sensitive nature, Miracle C+ did not cause any irritation at all. As I do not currently have any concerns with pigmentation or uneven skin tone (at least none that is bothering me at the moment), I did not notice any results after about a month of use, and stopped.  However, one night, on the spur of the moment, I decided to apply 1 pump to my arms which are recently scarred from a bout of eczema flare-up.  After 2 nights, I actually noticed the scars were greatly lightened!

Dermagold Hydra Recovery Gel

Dermagold Hydra Recovery Gel

The last product I tried from the Dermagold range is the Hydra Recovery Gel [SGD42 for 30ml].  This is a super mild moisturizing gel that contains mainly aloe vera gel extract to soothe and calm irritated skin.  It is also boosted with geranium maculatum extract also helps to boost healing of the skin.

Dermagold Hydra Recovery Gel is super lightweight and feels very hydrating particularly when my skin is dehydrated and stressed out.  Recently when my skin felt like it might be on the verge of going out of whack again, I whipped this out and slapped on a thick layer and went to bed.  It was like flipping on the reset switch, because the next morning my skin was back to normal again.  However, it does not do anything much other than hydration and I still prefer other lifting and anti aging creams for other benefits.  For day time use, I found this Hydra Recovery Gel to take a bit longer to completely dry than I am used to.


Overall, I’m really impressed by Dermagold’s products.  Certainly the Skin Elixir has impressed me, and has become an integral part of my skincare routine and I will be restocking once this one runs out.  Miracle C+ is very effective and I would recommend this to anybody with pigmentation concerns.  The Hydra Recovery Gel is a great one for keeping on standby for those who are prone to sudden sensitivities.

Dermagold is currently available for sale at Hadara Aesthetics Boutique, located at 23 Lorong Telok, Singapore 049035.  If you are interested in trying out the Miracle Trio described above, simply quote “Silverkis” to enjoy 8% discount off the total price.

xo Linda

This post featured products that were provided by Dermagold for my consideration.  Regardless, all opinions expressed here are my own honest, unbiased views, and are not influenced by any monetary gains.

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  1. 38noodles says:

    Thanks for the comprehensive review! The brand sounds very interesting, and I love how lightweight all three products seem! Will look into it some more!

    • silverkis says:

      Yes it really is… and i love the Skin Elixir! Too bad it’s only available in Singapore right now, but i’ll be happy to send you anything you need!

  2. Skin Elixir sounds like something my skin would love. Made in Israil, interesting, I haven’t seen that very often but they are good in chemistry so why not.

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