From Wham to Glam! Total Date Night Makeover Tutorial

July 27, 2014

Ever since I got some personal coaching in hair styling at the recent OMY.Sg x Panasonic SBA Finalists Beauty Workshop (read here), I have been working on my technique, and am thrilled to be able to bring you a personalized tutorial today! This is a flirty look that you can wear out on a nice date, some place romantic where you can look into each other’s eyes all night long!

The Look

OMYSBA2014 date look tutorial LOTD

Having spent years perfecting my makeup skills, I am convinced that the right makeup can transform a person. And yet, with this look, it is obvious to me that properly styled hair elevates an entire look to an even more polished level. So, let’s get right on with it, and fix up the hair!

The Hair

OMYSBA2014 hair tutorial

As my hair is medium-lengthed at the moment, I look best with these loose waves, curling in gently at the ends. But to achieve that, I have to start curling about mid-way up, around my ears, so that the curl will hold and my hair wouldn’t fall too flat after I comb it out at the end.

OMYSBA2014 flirty date night hair tutorial

Before doing any heat styling, I usually apply some serum to protect my hair. Kerastase Nectar Theremique is something I always keep in my stash as it prevents heat damage, and actually gets activated when heated, to release nourishments to treat the hair.

My weapon of choice is the Panasonic Nanocare EH-HS95-K. I have used a number of straighteners over the years, from cheap drugstore ones to those designed for salons, and found this to be one of the best. It feels nicely balanced even in my small hands, and the finish is sleek but with enough tactile feel to maintain a good grip. More importantly, it is well insulated around the heated plates so there is no danger of burning your fingers; and the parts are all tightly fitted so no hair gets “caught” in unexpected grooves and breaks. Of course, it is ideal for hair curling because the edges are rounded, it heats up quickly to as high as 200 oC (although 170 oC is sufficient for me), and remains evenly heated throughout. Panasonic also claims that its Nanoe technology is be able to reduce moisture loss by as much 14%, thereby preventing further damage to my precious tresses!

OMYSBA2014 date look hair tutorial

To start, I pin up sections of my hair with some giant hair clips, and work from the innermost layers to the top [1]. And then taking about 1 inch wide sections of hair, clip it mid-way up firmly between the heated plates of the straightener [2], and slowly rotate the straightener inwards [3]. Keep on turning, making sure to keep the hair firmly in place, until you get to the ends [4]. If you find some odd bits of hair sticking out and unable to coil anymore, you may want to loosen the straightener a little and slide it down so that the ends get coiled in. Hold for a few seconds, then gently loosen the hold, and slide the straightener out.

It is actually fairly easy, the trick is holding the straightener firmly so the hair doesn’t just come tumbling out as you’re trying to coil it up. For me, I find it best to hold onto the opening of the straightener with my other hand while I turn. Also, it is easier to work in smaller sections at a time.

Once it is all done, comb through with fingers to loosen the curls, apply some serum for shine, and set with a good spritz of hair spray. Because I like wearing my hair on one side, I lifted the hair from behind my right ear, and pinned it under for this side-swept style. This is an optical trick for those of us with asymmetrical faces, slimming down a side of the face that may be slightly chubbier by hiding it behind some hair, and exposing the other side with more sculpted features!

The Makeup

OMYSBA2014 Flirty date night makeup tutorial

Of course, no look is complete with makeup! And to keep with the sweet girlie image, I have decided to dress up the eyes in pretty yet sexy colors! I am currently obsessed with the new Chanel Les 4 Ombres (review and swatches of all the palettes here), so I’ve selected Tisse Cambon for the pink-purple hues!

OMYSBA2014 Date look makeup tutorial

The makeup items I used:

And here is a detailed look at how I used Chanel Les 4 Ombres Tisse Cambon:

OMYSBA2014 Date Look Tutorial

For the eyes, I first applied the bottom left medium pink shade all over the lid [1].  Next, I deepened the outer third of the lid with the bottom right dark eggplant shade [2]. Then, I added a dab of the top left shimmery mauve in the middle of the lid to create some dimension [3], and dusted some of the top right pale pink over the crease to blend out any harsh lines and under the brow bone to highlight. To finish, I lined the upper lash line with black liquid liner, winging out slightly. And lined the lower lash line with black gel pencil, following over with some of the dark eggplant shadow to blend out. And 2 coats of mascara on lashes.

Remember the art of getting dressed includes some personalized fragrance too, so give yourself a good spritz of your favorite scent (mine’s Diptyque Do Son EDP for the moment layered with Jo Malone Silk Blossom!) and you’re all set for the night of your life! Remember, all these preparations are for 1 single purpose… for you to have FUN! So be confidant, and go knock his socks off! Come back and tell me all about it later!  xoxo

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