Having a Ball of a Time with Courrèges Estée Lauder

May 15, 2015

After yesterday’s part 1 coverage of the Courrèges Estée Lauder collection [read here], I realized I had unconsciously separated the collection by their packaging – sticks versus balls. LOL! I hadn’t meant to segregate them that way, and I’m sure the pieces would have worked equally well coordinated with some of the pieces that I’m going to show you today, that was simply the way the lot fell. In any case, I have 5 more items from the collection to discuss today, so let’s get on with it!

Courreges Estee Lauder

Courreges Estee Lauder Aqua Silver Eye Amplifier

There are 2 powder eyeshadows named Eye Amplifiers in the Courrèges Estée Lauder collection. They are a special formula that may be used dry or wet for greater intensity. Aqua Silver is a cool-toned light metallic green that shows up well against my skin tone and has a magical eye-brightening effect. Even though it swatches easily with a finger, I found that it did not pick up or apply well with a brush when dry. Instead, I had to use a dense, flat brush and swirl it a few times around the pot, then dab it on instead of sweeping across my lids. Regardless, it is easy to build up intensity, and once on, it stayed on all day without creasing or fading.

Courreges Estee Lauder Black Silver Eye Amplifier

Black Silver has beautiful iridescent shimmers packed within a black base, and it is even more stunning when applied wet. However, I again had trouble picking this up with a brush, and for just emphasizing the outer corner of my eye, I used a dense pencil brush to swirl in the pot before dabbing it onto my lids. The good thing is, it builds up color without much effort and has the most glorious multi-colored shimmers in it!  Here are the dry and wet swatches for your reference:

Courreges Estee Lauder swatches

In contrast, the Illuminations Face Powder was much softer and subliminally divine!

Courreges Estee Lauder Illuminations Face POwder

This is 1 of 2 highlighters, the other – Iridescent Ball Highlighter – is a cream product. Illuminations Face Powder is a pale champagne gold with very fine shimmers, that brings a glowy light to the face. I sweep this over my nose ridge, over the top of my cheek bones, forehead and chin, and found the effect to be quite soft and lovely.

Since it is a powder, it can also be used on the eyes – why not?! I dabbed it on the center of my lids, and on the inner corners of my eyes for some pop.

Here is the complete eye look featuring all 3 products:

Courreges Estee Lauder EOTD

Courreges Estee Lauder Lip Cheek Ball

The Lip + Cheek Ball comes in a shiny silver ball that twists open in half to reveal a cream that looks rather red. But it sheers out considerably when applied (please refer swatches above), and it balances the right amount of pigment for color intensity and is emollient enough to work on the lips without slipping off the cheeks. On me, it is a lovely berry-hued blush and lip stain. It lasts well on my cheeks throughout the day without fading, creasing or slipping. For my lips though, it is not as moisturizing as the Super Gloss [reviewed here] , nor as long lasting. However, this sure looks pretty, is easy to match, and super cool to toss into the makeup bag!

Courreges Estee Lauder Lip Visor

I found it best to apply the Lip + Cheek Ball over a light layer of the Lip Visor, as it lasts longer and feels better on my lips. The Lip Visor comes in a flattened round plexi-glass container that has a squeezable center. The top twists open to reveal a slanted-tip nozzle, and a gentle squeeze in the center dispenses enough product to cover the entire lip area. There are 2 shades available, the one I have is See-Through which looks white but turns translucent once applied. It is a slightly thickened fluid that applies easily and gets absorbed readily unlike traditional balms and leaves my lips feeling plump and moisturized. There is another, Coral Mini which is a luscious orange that leaves a gorgeous tint on the lips.

And finally, here is the full look in context:

Courreges Estee Lauder LOTD featuring Eye Amplifier in Aqua Silver and Black Silver on eyes; Lip + Cheek Ball on cheeks and lips; and Illuminations Face Powder on nose ridge, top of cheek bones, chin and forehead

Courreges Estee Lauder LOTD featuring Eye Amplifier in Aqua Silver and Black Silver on eyes; Lip + Cheek Ball on cheeks and lips; and Illuminations Face Powder on nose ridge, top of cheek bones, chin and forehead

There are a few more items in the Courrèges Estée Lauder collection that I do not have here, but I’d like to draw your attention to, in case you are interested:

Courreges Estee Lauder complete collection

There is a pair of Super Lashes that are gorgeously fluttery; an Iridescent Ball Highlighter that is a cream in a spherical matte white container; Kabuki Brush made from silky synthetic fibers; and a teal Hair Mascara that may be fun for parties.

Everything is available exclusively at Estee Lauder’s Ion Orchard Boutique, TANGS Beauty Hall and Luxola online. Have you got your eyes on anything yet?

This post featured products that were kindly provided to me by Estee Lauder Singapore for my consideration.  All opinions expressed here are my own honest, unbiased views.

xo Linda


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  1. Ting says:

    The highlighter looks amazing! I love highlighters a lot… so tempting! x

  2. Oooh highlighter on the eyes you say! Great idea.
    I still haven’t used that one, there was some hype about it this is why I felt like picking up and at the end of the day it is nothing more than a nice highlighter I guess. Packaging though is to die for!

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