Cosme Decorte AQMW Eye Glow Gem

June 28, 2017

If there is ever a brand that I had coveted from afar, it would be Cosme Decorte’s AQMW line.  Cosme Decorte is a premium skincare and makeup line owned by Kose, and its AQMW range is the brand’s ultimate luxurious offering (AQMW stands for Absolute Quality Miracle Wonder).  Even though K-beauty is currently trending, I have always had a soft spot for Japanese makeup, and am really excited to be able to try out the new Cosme Decorate AQMW Eye Glow Gem!

Cosme Decorte AQMW Eye Glow Gem

This Summer 2017, Cosme Decorte has released a new range of eyeshadow monos named AQMW Eye Glow Gem.  These are a new hybrid texture that has a bouncy marshmallow feel (reminds me of Chanel’s Illusion d’ombre), they go on like creams, but feel super light almost gel-like on the skin.  Once applied, they dry down and set like a powder, though with a very elegant soft shimmer that gives dimension without becoming too bling.

There are 10 permanent shades and 2 limited edition seasonal colours.  I have 2 of the regulars and 1 LE to show you today.

Cosme Decorte AQMW Eye Glow Gem swatches

I can see lots of women wanting to wear these 3 shades:

Cosme Decorte AQMW Eye Glow Gem

The Cosme Decorte AQMW Eye Glow Gem comes in a round pot made of good quality plastic  that is more practical for traveling with than glass.  A black screw-cap (silver for the limited edition) keeps the contents safe, whilst a clear window in the center of the cap allows you to see the colors easily.

I found the color intensity to vary between the 3 shades, although they are all buildable.  GD082 in my experience did not go on as smoothly, and tended to be rather chunky, and I also had some fall outs.

Cosme Decorte AQMW Eye Glow Gem makeup look

Here is a simple makeup look featuring the 3 shades of Cosme Decorte AQMW Eye Glow Gems on my lids.  I started with BR383 all over my lids, followed by BR371 on the outer corners.  Then I added a dash of GD082 to my inner corners and in the middle of my lids.  I really enjoyed using the shades all over my lids, because they are so smooth and so easy to blend.  Worn on their own, they give a lovely complex wash of color and are even great as a base for layering other powder eyeshadows!

On my oily, hooded lids, I found the Cosme Decorte AQMW Eye Glow Gems to fade and crease slightly toward the 6 hour mark, though a good primer easily extends the wear time.

Cosme Decorte AQMW Eye Glow Gems are already out in counters in Singapore, and retail for SGD35 each.  Receive a Decorte x The Animal Project pouch featuring these adorable flamingos with every $200 purchase (inclusive of 2 pieces of Eye Glow Gem)!

Have you tried anything from Cosme Decorte before?

This post featured products that were kindly provided for my consideration.  Regardless, all opinions expressed here are my own honest, unbiased views.


2 responses to “Cosme Decorte AQMW Eye Glow Gem”

  1. Lisa says:

    These sound nice! I wana try those two BR shades! I haven’t tried Cosme Decorte other than some random skin care samples as it’s not readily available in Korea… but I think I saw a counter at Shilla duty free in Seoul so I’ll have to remember to check it out next time I travel! xx Lisa

    • silverkis says:

      The BR shades are so lovely! They can be used on their own for a sheer wash of color, or patted over something else for a bit of bling. You’re so lucky to have it in duty free!!!

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