SK-II Clear Beauty Care & Control Cream

April 3, 2014

Are you ready for summer? You’d better be, because a whole new class of summer-ready makeup are coming your way! Let’s start with bases, shall we?

Last year we saw BB creams of every shade and texture from every brand, and this year we’re going up 1, to CC creams. Now it’s important to abandon your previous understanding of CC creams, because we are no longer talking about improved-BB-cream types of colored bases (like Chanel’s CC Cream). This year’s new improved class of CC creams are lighter, more skincare than makeup in the traditional sense (similar to Dior’s serum/primer concoction).

To avoid confusion, SK-II has avoided the CC naming, choosing instead to market its latest offering as the Clear Beauty Care & Control Cream. Yeah, that’s not confusing at all!

SK-II Clear Beauty Care & Control Cream

SK-II’s new Clear Beauty Care & Control Cream promises to keep skin hydrated for 12 hours. It also contains linseed extract, along with three colors of pearly ingredients, to even out skin tone. There is only 1 shade available, looks white-ish out of the tube, but blends into the skin and becomes invisible. The texture is a light cream, incredibly lightweight, feels more like a moisturizer than makeup. Once applied, the difference is very subtle, not quite as obvious as Dior’s Capture Totale DreamSkin nor YSL’s CC Cream, but there is a visible brightening and smoothening effect.

SK-II Clear Beauty Care & Control Cream swatch

The SK-II Clear Beauty Care & Control Cream is intended to be a skin primer, used before foundation to keep skin well hydrated. It also carries a sun protection factor of SPF25 / PA+++, which is nice for a few hours out in the sun.

As a makeup primer, I find SK-II’s Clear Beauty Care & Control Cream did not really keep shine at bay. It works beautifully paired with powder foundations, creating a perfectly velvety base that does not go too flat matte nor does it dry up my skin as the day progresses. It is lovely with liquid foundations as well, but I find it pales in comparison to other true primers (my favorite being the Hourglass Veil Mineral Primer) in terms of pore control and extending the wear time.

If you remember, I tried YSL’s CC Cream (read here) recently, and had a tough time getting it to work on me. In contrast, the SK-II Clear Beauty Care & Control Cream has a much better texture – lighter, more hydrating, easier to blend (both on its own and layered with liquid foundations). However, I think they are 2 different products – the YSL is more of makeup base whereas SK-II is a skin primer (more skincare than primer). What it means is that if you are ever caught in a jam for time (which I always am), you may skip your moisturizer / sunscreen / primer routine, and just slap on the SK-II Clear Beauty Care & Control Cream. I always find buffing on powder foundations much faster with my Koyudo Fu-Pa 14 than blending out liquid foundations, so this is a real quick combination for casual weekends or morning rush hour.

For the launch, SK-II has some amazing gwp promotions. Do check with your local counter for more information!  xoxo

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  1. michelle says:

    Any recommendation for facial hair removal?

  2. Shoel says:

    Beautiful cream, how does it help to acne and facial spots thanks

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