Let’s Talk About Base: Cle de Peau Base de Teint, Cream Foundation & Concealer

May 27, 2015

I’ve had it stuck in my mind for some time now, to talk about a bunch of base products that I’ve been trying out and then stashing away without ever reviewing.  That is not to say these are no good, in fact quite the contrary, the working title for today’s post whilst it was brewing in my mind was “Favorite Face of The Day”.  However, as life would have it, some other more time-sensitive (i.e. limited edition) things popped up and this fell on the wayside.  After 3 very intense weeks of Summer 2015 makeup collections, I thought it might be a nice change of pace to talk about a handful of classic base products that have garnered a cult following… from Cle de Peau Beaute!

Cle de Peau Silky Cream Foundation, base de teint for pores, concealer

Before we jump into the product review proper, let me first state upfront that these are not exactly new products, but have actually been around in the market for many years now.  At the time of preparing this post (which was quite some time ago), it seemed like a good idea to group them together.  However, since then, I’ve realized that the base product is in the process of being discontinued in some markets, and the foundation and concealer have been repackaged although the formulae are still the same.  Regardless, I decided to go ahead with this anyway, in the hopes that it may still be useful if you are able to access these products wherever you are.

Cle de Peau base de teint for pores

Cle de Peau Base de Teint (pores) was 1 of 2 pre-makeup bases that was part of the original collection and is now gradually being discontinued, and replaced with the Perfecting Cream Veil (reviewed here) together with its fluid counterpart.  The one that I have here today is designed to minimize the look of pores, and create a smooth canvas for a flawless makeup application.

Cle de Peau base de teint for pores swatch

Packaging is true to Cle de Peau’s practical sensibilities, with a simple squeeze tube that is hygienic and works well for the fluid-cream texture.  The base itself is a pale ivory shade, which sheers out to be invisible when completely blended out.  Even though it is slightly thicker than a true fluid, it feels relatively lightweight on the skin, and is much more elegant and skin-loving than the silicon-y formulas in the mass market.

Personally, I don’t care very much about pores (not that I don’t have any, just that they are of lesser concern to me in the greater scheme of things), but what this base did well for me was to keep my makeup looking relatively fresh throughout the day.  My skin is currently dry dehydrated, which is a really odd combination because it does turn oily on the surface as my skin attempts to over-compensate its fundamentally dry state.  And because of that, this base actually proved to be quite emollient for my dry skin, yet still helped to control shine.  On the other hand, those with oily skin may find the newer fluid primers to be more suitable.

Cle de Peau Teint Natural Cream Foundation

Cle de Peau Cream Foundation took me some time to understand, but I recently uncovered this gem from amongst my stash and it was wow!  The tube packaging is understated, but is the most practical and hygienic form for a cream foundation instead of the hefty glass jars others usually use.  It is easy to dispense just the right amount of product and you don’t have to mess your fingers up dipping into a jar, and it is easy to carry around.

Cle de Peau Teint Natural Cream Foundation swatch

The foundation is relatively lightweight for a cream, and it smoothes out to render a nicely satin-matte finish.  Coverage is a buildable medium to high, and it is easy to sheer out for a lighter coverage if desired.  What I loved was this foundation’s ability to float over any surface imperfections and does not cake up or emphasize flakes and lines.  Instead, it gives a beautiful porcelain finish to the complexion.

When I first tried this on, I was not particularly impressed as it felt less nourishing than other foundations in its class – for example the Guerlain Orchidee Imperiale Cream Foundation (reviewed here) and Estee Lauder Re-Nutriv Radiance Makeup (reviewed here).  The shade that I have (I10) is also too light and pink for me, so it just felt weird.  However, this turned out to be the foundation that garnered me the most compliments in recent memory from fellow beauty bloggers and industry insiders!  Those who have relatively good skin that is free from flakes will find this foundation particularly beautiful.  However, I do find it ironic as I tend to reach for my cream foundations most when my skin is at its worst.  In which case, I found that I had to ensure my skin is very well prepped before application, and unfortunately the Base de Teint (pores) was not a good fit for me.

Cle de Peau concealer

And finally, the Cle de Peau Concealer is one of those legendary cult beauty item that every beauty enthusiast swears by.  It comes in a handy metal twist-up tube that is easy to use and handy to carry around.  Shiseido recently released a dupe with a similar packaging (reviewed here) but that formula has much more slip to it than the original Cle de Peau version.

Cle de Peau concealer swatch

The concealer I have is in the lightest shade named Ivory, but it is clearly darker than the lightest shade of foundation in I10.  Regardless, I found the concealer blends out easily, and worked well to conceal dark circles and other acne scars.  However, I must state that this is perhaps not my favorite concealer of all time (*gasp* the utter shock of that!) as I do have particularly dry under-eye area and this concealer does tend to crease up as the day progressed if I am not extremely careful.  On the other hand, it conceals beautifully, which makes it a dilemma.  Having gone backwards and forwards, and tried quite a number of other concealers, my top spot still goes to La Mer (reviewed here).

I hope this post has not turned out to be too confusing for you.  As I go deeper in my explorations about base products, I find myself getting rather analytical about product pairings and getting even more extreme in my expectations.  And on hindsight, the elevated branding and luxury price point of these Cle de Peau products have set some unreasonably high expectations and are bound to fall short.  For the most part, these are individually excellent products, and I highly recommend you try the cream foundation for yourself if you can.  As for the base, I prefer the newer Correcting Cream Veil so there is no hurry to snap this up before it is completely gone.  Finally, the concealer is almost perfect for those whose primary concern is spots and don’t have a lot of issues with flaky skin.

Have you tried any of these Cle de Peau base products and have any thoughts to share?

xo Linda

8 responses to “Let’s Talk About Base: Cle de Peau Base de Teint, Cream Foundation & Concealer”

  1. I’m so afraid to spend any time looking at CdP lol.

  2. Eileen says:

    My über dry, sensitive, mature skin gets along beautifully with the CdP Radiant Fluid Foundation. Yes, it is very expensive, but it gives me a luminous, flawless canvas unlike any other foundation I’ve tried in recent years. At this time in life, it is simply the best for me 🙂 Even when my cheeks are pinker than usual thanks to my mild rosacea, a tiny extra bit of the Radiant Fluid layered lightly over problem works like a charm to neutralize the redness without creating a mask-like appearance.

    When I first went to the CdP counter, I was under the impression (from blog reviews) that the Radiant Fluid was for much younger ladies and that either Cream or Silky Cream would be my ticket. The specialist; however, was able to quickly convince me otherwise, but just to make sure, she sent me home with 2 packets each of Cream, Silky Cream, and Radiant Fluid so that I could try them over the course of several days and see how they worked with my other products. I went back for Radiant Fluid. Moral to the story: Because CdP is so expensive, and because there is no uniformity in how bloggers describe their skin type, I think it is well worth a trip to the counter to meet with a CdP specialist to find the perfect formulation.

    • silverkis says:

      Hi Eileen, i also preferred the Radiant Fluid Foundation! It works best over the accompanying base for me! I was also surprised to find this cream foundation to be not as emollient for my dry skin as I’d thought it might be… but it still looks good though at least from an observer’s standpoint!

  3. Lily says:

    Thank you for your honest review, Linda. Cle de Peau products are really pricey (perhaps overpriced, even?) so I never really paid much attention to it. I have read a lot about its concealer but I’m quite happy with my RMS, NARS and a slew of other more affordable brands. LOL!

    • silverkis says:

      Hi Lily, they really are pricey… i actually picked these up on sale. I’ve read a lot about the NARS concealer… and someday I’ll try it (after i make some dent in my stash!!!)!!

  4. beauty bloss says:

    You’re making me so jealous. I’ve wanted to try this brand forever, but alas cannot get in Australia:-(
    Fingers crossed one day it will get here. Or I might just have to jump on a plane somewhere xx

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