Fixing my Fried Ends with Chez Vous’ Trilogy System Suite!

April 24, 2016

I’m usually hesitant to review services as I find experiences difficult to replicate, and it is generally assumed that bloggers get preferential treatment anyway.  But since I bleached my hair thrice in the span of six months, I’ve been struggling with really weakened strands that split and break.  And nothing has worked, until I experienced Chez Vous’ Trilogy System Suite, and it is too good not to be shared!

Chez Vous hair salon

Chez Vous has been around in Singapore for 21 years, and I used to visit it with a bunch of girlfriends at their old premise.  I have lost touch with the salon for more than 10 years now, and found myself wandering on the wrong side of Ngee Ann City mall for my recent visit.  And was surprised to find the salon has had a facelift.  A wall of outreached hands greet visitors outside the salon, a symbol of Chez Vous’ hospitality and hand of help for those in need.

Chez Vous wallart

And hair saviours they are, because you can literally walk into Chez Vous if you are unhappy with some other hair service you received at another salon, and Chez Vous will Fix You for free!  Through helping customers recover their hair that had undergone some erroneous process, the team at Chez Vous had also gained lots of experience about what works and what doesn’t.

Of course, I am ever the cynic.  But what impressed me was the very thoughtful and methodical approach that Chez Vous has taken towards developing its own proprietary services.  I thoroughly enjoyed being able to ask all the rhetorical questions that have been plaguing me for years (e.g. why is it that subsequent hair rebonding services never seem quite as effective or long-lasting as the first or preceding one?), and receive answers that actually make sense (i.e. because the hair cuticles are damaged and the fiber is weakened, thus is unable to hold the shape).  And for a beauty junkie who does occasionally delve into ingredients and technology, I was gratified to learn that Chez Vous had taken inspiration from skincare science in developing their Trilogy System! 

Chez Vous hair salon

Chez Vous’ Trilogy Hair System comprises of 3 separate but complementary hair treatments designed to rebuild damaged hair giving it back its inner strength; resculpt a bespoke look that is as flattering as it is soft and manageable; and revitalize processed hair for the ultimate shine and silky smoothness.

Phase 1: Synchronized Advanced Hair Rebuilder

To address the irony of frequent hair services (e.g. perming or rebonding) that claim to deliver manageable tresses but are unsustainable in the long run, adding to hair breakage and increasing frizz and damage; Chez Vous proposes to start by rebuilding the hair shaft.  In a 1.5hour-long session, my hair is treated to a potent mix of amino acids and anti-breakage actives combined with elements to rebuild bonds within my hair shaft.  Using a highly effective delivery system, these ingredients are able to penetrate deep into my hair to enable permanent reconstruction of the hair fiber.  Broken bonds in the hair shaft are strengthened from within, and the repaired protein bonds are resealed to give it resilience.  Immediately after the session, my hair is noticeably stronger and no longer as lifeless and wispy as before.

Phase 2: Resculpting Supreme

This is the service that I was most interested in, and it is where I experienced the Chez Vous difference.  After examining my hair thoroughly, and discussing at length about the various processes that I have done over the recent months, I was told the Resculpting Supreme is not for me.  Because I have already had rebonding done to the upper layers of hair less than half a year ago (but unfortunately, it didn’t stay), and the inner layers have been bleached 3 times, anymore heat processing may end up frying my hair.  And even if I was willing to risk it, the guys at Chez Vous had too much integrity to put my hair through it.

In case you are curious, Resculpting Supreme, makes use of the retexturizing property of keratin, and integrates it into a process that reshapes the hair, eliminates frizz and enhances smoothness.  It is much more than just dead-straight hair or whole head of crazy curls, you can shape your hair pretty much anyway you like with the Resculpting Supreme!

Phase 3: Express Revitalizing Supreme

This is the one that makes me go bananas!  A 45-minute express hair treatment that blasts 8 amazing skincare ingredients into the core of the hair shaft, to leave even my horribly tangled hair feeling smooth and frizz-free for weeks!!  I am not kidding when I tell you that I would use an intensive hair mask every single night, and still wake up with my hair all tangled up and bunched into a ball.  And I really don’t remember when was the last time I had a hair treatment done that lasted you more than a few washes.

This is me, before and after:

Chez Vous Express Revitalizing Supreme before after

In case you were wondering if I had flat-ironed my hair and applied tonnes of hair oil to give it that shine and smoothness, the answer is no.  Chez Vous picked products that contained high concentrations of hyaluronic acid to first boost dried out hair, and low-molecular keratin and peptides that are able to penetrate to the core of the hair and fill up the damaged parts.  Next, a trio of oils – amino oil, Tamanu oil and Marula oil, are used to smooth out cuticles and promote shine.  And intense moisture milk containing lactic acid is then applied to soften the hair and promote resilience.  An ultrasonic iron is then used to miniaturise the layers of products applied, enabling absorption into the core hair shaft.  This takes just minutes, reducing the waiting time greatly.  Finally, elastin, ceramides and silk proteins are added to seal in the treatment.  These form a protective layer around the hair, cushioning the stripping impact of shampoo and water with ensuing washes, preventing hair from drying out unnecessarily.

I cannot rave about the Express Revitalising Supreme enough, if you have problems with tangled hair, do yourself a favour and try it out if you can!  And for those with processed hair, you should definitely consider the Synchronized Advanced Hair Rebuilder to restore your hair to its natural state (or at least as close a state to virgin hair as possible)!

The Chez Vous Trilogy System Suite starts at $155 for the Advanced Hair Rebuilder; $375 for Resculpting Supreme; and $185 for Express Revitalizing Supreme.  There is a 25% promotional discount for my readers, simply head over to and book your appointment using my code “RefByLinda05” before 31 May 2017.  Chez Vous is located at #05-05 Ngee Ann City, Singapore 238872, Call +65 6732 9388 for appointments.

xo Linda

This post featured services that were generously sponsored for a one-time experience.  Regardless, all opinions expressed here are my own honest unbiased views.

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