My 2 fav things: Chanel x The Great Gatsby

June 25, 2013

When the world was all awash in white haze last week, there were 2 things that kept me going.  Well, I mean apart from celebrating my 2nd wedding anniversary with my man, and coming home to my cheery little bub of course.

There were 2 things that I had recently acquired, that kept me squealing quietly inside and a smile on my face even when I was nearly caught in a mob crazed for N95 masks.  I mean, if the world was to come to an end now, THIS would be the way to go, wouldn’t it?!

The Great Gatsby inspired manicure

Yes!  After months of haunting dreams, I finally got my hands on a Chanel Rock Boy!!!  Thanks to the lovely Angie from Curated Bags, this black & gold Rock Boy from the Versailles collection is finally mine!!!

Chanel Rock Boy Versailles

If you’ve been following me on Instagram, you’d know by now that i’m obsessed with my new boy.  So my apologies in advance because you’ll be seeing quite a bit more of it in the days to come!

And for the ultimate decadence, I had a set of manicure done, inspired by the greatest novel-turned-motion-picture of all times… The Great Gatsby!!

The Great Gatsby inspired manicure

Actually to be completely honest, I ripped the design off of the super creative geniuses over at Manicurious.  But kudos still, to the lovely ladies at my regular nail salon who managed to pull this off so beautifully!  I think they go so well with my boy don’t they??!  When I think flapper dresses, my mind immediately goes to Chanel… but, i’m not really complaining though, cos seriously, those Prada dresses in the movie…. TDF!!!

Do you have a treasured bag or item that you’re currently lusting after?  SHARE!!

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  1. That bag is GORGEOUS! And love the mani, too!

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