Chanel City Lights, Memory, Signature de Chanel & Palette Essentielle

August 22, 2017

Much as I love bold, edgy makeup collections, it is often the softer, everyday colors that speak to and sell well with the average woman.  And so, I appreciate very much Lucia Pica’s thoughtfulness in curating an alternate look within the Chanel Travel Diary Collection for Fall 2017.  But beyond just keeping fans happy, Chanel has also launched a couple of exciting new makeup items this season, and I’ll be sharing my thoughts with you today!

Chanel Fall2017 Travel Diary Collection

Chanel Les 4 Ombres City Lights is a limited edition eyeshadow palette for this latest season, but it almost escaped my attention because it resembled so many other palettes before it, not least of which the classic Chanel Raffinement from Spring 2013.  On second look, it reminded me of Lumiere Facettes Gold Rush from Summer 2006 which was my very first Chanel quad.  Whichever reference comes to mind, City Lights will ensure your eyes glow and reflect ambient lighting to flatter in every way possible.

City Lights perfectly represents how far Chanel’s eyeshadow formula has come, and every swatch left me gasping over how buttery soft and creamy the texture is.  There is a certain amount of shimmer in every one of these shades, which is in direct contrast with the more matte Road Movie [reviewed here] from the same collection.

Chanel Les 4 Ombres City Lights swatches

From left to right, the shades are:

I will show you the eye look in a moment, but first I’d like to mention there 2 Chanel Ombre Premiere Cream Eyeshadows that are released as part of this collection.  I had reviewed the formula just a couple of weeks ago here, so I will not go into details now.  The 2 shades here are Urban (818) and Memory (820).

Chanel Ombre Premiere Cream Eyeshadow Urban & Memory swatches

Urban is a dark blackened blue with a matte finish; and Memory is a warm-toned golden bronze.  These are designed to complement the 2 Les 4 Ombres eyeshadow palettes, though in usual Chanel fashion, neither shades are exact replicas of the shades found on the palettes.  Having said that, I found Memory to layer beautifully with City Lights, giving it a different dimension that I otherwise would not have been able to achieve.

Chanel Les 4 Ombres City Lights eye makeup look

Most people make do with 1-2 shades each time, and with these colors you’d be safe with any combinations.  However, in the interest of time (because I just can’t find the energy these days to stay up past midnight photo-editing), here is 1 look using all 4 shades of City Lights + 1 Memory.  I started with Memory all over my lid, keeping it light as this is merely the base, but you can see the color diffusing out into the crease.  Next, I dusted a light layer of the reddish brown from City Lights on most of my lid, followed by the bronze shade on the outer third of the lid.  I took the bronze below as well, lining my lower lash line with it.  Patted the center of my lid with metallic taupe, and finished with frosted pink on the inner corner.

I added a thin cat-eye flick using this…

Signature de Chanel swatch

Signature de Chanel Eyeliner in Noir is a new liquid eyeliner from Chanel, and already I am looking forward to more colors!  It has an interesting flattened wide brush that tapers to a fine tip, and has a good flex to allow for a smooth flick.  The shape allows for a bold, thick line to be drawn, or as fine and natural looking as you wish.  Simply lay the brush flat on its wide side, or turn it around and use the narrow edge.  Whichever way you use it, the result is an even intense black with a satin finish.  Though not marketed as waterproof, Signature de Chanel stays on my oily, hooded lids very well without smudging nor running!

Signature de Chanel

When you first receive the item, it comes with the ink cartridge separated from the pen body.  The BAs at the store will be able to help you assemble them, but if you are doing this at home, the easiest way is to unscrew the top of the pen, drop the catridge into the bottom of the pen body, then screw the top back on.  Thereafter, lay the pen flat for about 3 minutes for the ink to percolate the tip, and then you’re all set.

In the spirit of the luxurious jetsetter, Chanel Travel Diary Collection’s piece de resistance is the Palette Essentielle!  This is a 3-in-1 cream palette comprising of a blush, concealer and highlighter.  There are 3 different versions available in the US, but out here in Asia we only received Beige Clair and Beige Intense.  In any case, I managed to swatch all 3 at a preview session, though the lighting leaves much to be desired.

Palette Essentielle swatches

The logical way to do this is to choose the best concealer shade match, but of course, the heart always want what it can’t have.  Beige Medium would have been the ideal palette for me, and since it is not available locally, I “need” to have both Beige Claire and Beige Intense.  The concealer in Beige Intense is just a little too dark for me, instead it works nicely as a very natural contour!

Unlike most other Chanel palettes, Palette Essentielle does not come with any applicators, which is less hassle and keeps the packaging slim.  Instead, Lucia Pica has designed 2 sexy retractable travel brushes!  I am still dancing around the brushes myself, and if I decide to take the plunge, will be sure to update here.  Until then, I am applying with my own brushes when I am at home, and with my fingers when I’m on the go.  In fact, I found the blush shade in Beige Intense to be surprisingly pigmented that it actually applies best with a feather-light tap of my fingers and letting my body heat do the blending for me.

Chanel Fall 2017 Travel Diary makeup look ft City Lights, Palette Essentielle Beige Claire

Here’s a look fresh out of the oven!  I’m still battling with a 5-day old sinusitis (which is code for feeling the shittiest you can imagine – why hasn’t a cure been found yet?!), so pardon the zombified appearance.  On the eyes is the Memory-City Lights-Signature de Chanel combination shown earlier.  And on the cheeks, I’m wearing Chanel Palette Essentielle in Beige Intense as blush, contour and highlight.  Oh, and I popped that blush on my lips as well!

To read more about the other pieces from this collection, head over here.

Have you picked up anything from this collection yet?!

This post featured some items that were generously provided for my consideration.  Regardless, all opinions expressed here are my own honest, unbiased views.



10 responses to “Chanel City Lights, Memory, Signature de Chanel & Palette Essentielle”

  1. Kédidja says:

    So lovely collection ! You know how much I heart Chanel 🙂 Can’t wait to see in my local retailer ! August was for Dior September will be for Chanel hé hé ! Thanks for sharing Linda ! xx
    Kédidja ~

  2. Lily says:

    Chanel isn’t available in Ipoh would you believe it. *sigh* Then again, it’s probably a good thing. I might just pick up everything I see! I think Chanel has been doing really well ever since they reformulated their eyeshadows a few years back. Ever since their Le Rouge collection, Chanel sweeps me off my feet all the time.

  3. fromSandyxo says:

    What a beautiful collection! I’m gasping at the swatches of City Lights too! The new Stylo Eyeliner looks very promising! I so need Palette Essentielle in Beige Claire! Do you think it would be compatible with my oily skin? Thanks for detailed review Linda.xo

    • silverkis says:

      Thanks for stopping by, Sandy! I’m in love with that eyeliner!! It’s sooo super easy to use! I think you should definitely give the Palette Essentielle a try at the counter first if you can. Though they are creams, they set well and do not fade off. But the concealer shade match can be tricky… so definitely get matched in person before you decide.

  4. TraceyEB says:

    Hi Linda, thanks for the comprehensive review! I’m curious about the eyeliner and the Palette Essential though, as you encountered, the concealer might not match the blush/highlighter I’m interested in. I was wondering if the lipstick in your collage is the Rouge Allure Velvet Nightfall #63. I would love to see a swatch of that shade. Hope you feel better soon!

    • silverkis says:

      Hi Tracey, I have already reviewed Nightfall in the preceding post! Just flip 1 article back, and you’ll find the full review on the rest of the collection! 😉

  5. Cat L says:

    Linda you look so gorgeous and chic! I clicked on this as soon as I got the email notification. Love this neutral eyeshadow palette as it seems very wearable and versatile! It’s actually the one piece I’m really dying to get my paws on! Great review and stunning photos!

    ~ Cat L.

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