Chanel Eyes Speak Volumes Summer 2016 Collection: Tisse Particulier

June 8, 2016

For Summer 2016, Chanel has prepared a 2nd makeup collection [the 1st was reviewed here], this time focusing on the eyes!  Chanel Eyes Speak Volumes is a complete collection of makeup items designed to enable a range of captivating looks, from tomboy to mischievious and playful to a star.  I was most drawn to this collection because through their makeup artistry, Chanel has managed to transform Kristen Stewart (admittedly not my most favourite actress ever) into a mesmerizing bombshell.  This collection actually released a few months ago in the US, but is just coming out to Asia.  I have seen several reviews on each of them online, but I wanted to still take some time to give the pieces a good try before formulating my own opinion.  To start things off, I’d like to show you the piece that had caught my eye from the very beginning – Chanel Tisse Particulier.

Chanel Eyes Speak Volumes Tisse Particulier

Chanel Les 4 Ombres 264 Tisse Particulier caught my attention because it carried a stunning shade of blue which is not so commonly found in Chanel palettes.  In fact, there are only 2 blue palettes in Chanel’s permanent Les 4 Ombres range, neither of which are dark; and the only one that had been released in recent memory was Tisse Jazz which was limited edition.  Also, the colour composition of Tisse Particulier really popped, the pairing of that copper with midnight blue is unusual and piqued my curiosity.

Chanel Tisse Particulier

I’ve seen so many pictures of this palette on Instagram over the past month that made my heart skip, and I feared that reality would disappoint.  So often, images are misleading because people tweak their photos so much on Instagram, the colours get all distorted.  However, when I finally laid hands on the real thing, I can safely say that Tisse Particulier really looks as stunning as those photos!

The point of contention then lies with how well Tisse Particulier swatches.  So here they are, as true-to-life as I can possibly manage:

Chanel Tisse Particulier swatches

Another angled shot for a better feel for the finish of the shades:

Chanel Tisse Particulier swatches

From left to right, the shades are:

Chanel Tisse Particulier eye makeup look

I had a little bit of fun with Tisse Particulier, and was pleasantly surprised to find that even though it looked quite colourful in the pan, the resultant eye look is very wearable and not at all garish.  On the other hand, the pink though lacking in pigmentation, does provide a strong flash under bright light, which can be brightening for tired looking eyes but needs to be handled carefully to prevent looking too frosty.  I started with the copper all over the inner half of my lid, followed by blue on the outer corner.  Thereafter, I patted the shimmery pink on the center of my lid, and used the shimmery champagne on the inner corner.

Here is the full look in context:

Chanel Tisse Particulier eye makeup look

Quite fun and subtle for a day look, yes?  Just in case, you’re not accustomed to wearing colours so much, I also created a much more subtle look using that copper, which I’m guessing is a crowd-pleaser.

Chanel Tisse Particulier eye makeup

For this eye look, I first smudged some black liner out along my lash line, then swept the copper shade all over my lid.  Thereafter, I layered on some of the shimmery pink on the inner half of my lid, finishing off with the shimmery champagne under the brow bone as highlight.  And here is the full look in context:

Chanel Tisse Particulier eye makeup look

Just to prove that the blue is as stunning and workable as you can possibly imagine, here it is in its full glory:

Chanel Tisse Particulier eye makeup

For the eye look above, I used a bit of the shimmery pink to blend out the blue in the crease, and I think its lack of pigmentation really works well in this context.  It adds a bit of depth and shimmery goodness to the dark blue, without changing the colour integrity too much.  The shimmers are really very pretty!  Finally, the full makeup look in context:

Chanel Tisse Particulier eye makeup look

Overall, Chanel Les 4 Ombres 264 Tisse Particulier is a very versatile palette, and packs some good fun with the midnight blue.  In general, it is a cooler-toned palette which is a nice addition to a summer collection that is traditionally filled with warmer-toned shades.  It is the only limited edition palette from this collection, and I recommend you check it out if you are looking to add some colours into your eye wardrobe in a classy, wearable way!

Chanel Eyes Speak Volumes Collection will be launching at Chanel boutiques at Ion and Marina Bay Sands on 11 June, and at all Chanel counters in Singapore on 18 June!  I will be reviewing a few more pieces from the collection over the next few days, so do check back!

xo Linda

This post featured a product that was kindly provided for my consideration.  Regardless, all opinions expressed here are my own honest, unbiased views.

11 responses to “Chanel Eyes Speak Volumes Summer 2016 Collection: Tisse Particulier”

  1. Chanel Quads have to be one of my favourite eyeshadows and this is a beauty. Looks great on you! I love how Chanel can take you our of your comfort zone with one shade that maybe scares you, then you end up loving! Kelly xxx

    • silverkis says:

      Hi Kelly!! Yes, I’m a huge fan of the recently reformulated Chanel quads too!! I was apprehensive because most of the online reviews said this collection had a sub-par formula, but i’m glad it’s worked out ok so far for me.

  2. Although I don’t like blue eye shadows personally, that is such a beautiful quad. Love the look you created with it. Great swatches too. xo

    Ann-Marie |

    • silverkis says:

      Hi Ann-Marie, my favorite colour is actually purple for the eyes, but blue actually works very well on me so I have a soft spot for it. 😉 Thank you for your love!!

  3. Regina says:

    You pulled off the palette really well! To be honest, I was initially scared of the colours in Tisse Particulier, but you made it seem so wearable. 🙂 Btw may I ask, what camera do you use? I’m thinking of getting a new camera.


    • silverkis says:

      Hi Regina, thank you so much for your kind words. I do like playing with colours, although lately I feel like my aging lids can’t carry them off as well as before. 🙁 I actually don’t use a professional SLR camera as I don’t know how to work them. Most of my photos are taken with my iphone just because it’s more convenient. The full frontal face shots are taken with my Samsung NX Mini.

  4. Alison says:

    This looks lovely on you. Swatches are great.

  5. Eileen says:

    I adore this palette! I’ve already sung its praises on other blogs and so I’ll refrain from gushing about it here 🙂 When asked to describe this palette, I’ve said it reminds me of that time in the evening when twilight is rapidly approaching but there are still ribbons of rose gold and pink illuminating the horizon. It’s simply stunning and I get compliments whenever I wear it. I have read some reviewers say they wish the blue was more pigmented, but a primer or damp brush easily solves the problem and punches up the blue. Those of us who purchased the Tom Ford summer palette a couple years ago in which there was that epic blue, will be forever spoiled when it comes to blue pigmentation. LOL No matter, Tissé Particulier is special, indeed.

    • silverkis says:

      Hi Eileen, your description of this palette is spot on, and oh so romantic! I wished it got more love from other reviewers though! I completely forgot about the TF summer palette with the blue…. but this one wears very prettily and isn’t hard to work with at all.

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