All Eyes on Chanel Collection Méditerranée Stylo Eyeshadows!

May 21, 2015

Continuing on my journey towards simplifying my morning makeup routine, I am absolutely taken by anything that would get my eye makeup done with a swipe & smudge! But easy does not mean boring, ladies! Especially with the vivacious hues that Chanel has prepared for us with their Collection Méditerranée for Summer 2015! There are 5 new, limited edition Chanel Stylo Eyeshadows in various shimmering hues…

Chanel Collection Mediterranee Stylo Eyeshadow IG

The last time I had seen these Chanel Stylo Eyeshadows was in their Summer 2013 Collection [reviewed here], and they were so well received that Chanel has returned with 5 new colors. The formula is the same – water-based so they do not grease up and slide around in a hot climate, instead they leave a minty cool sensation on the skin when applied. I love that these come in a convenient twist-up pen, and the tip is flat and slanted so it is easy to cover my entire mobile lid in 2 swipes. They remain creamy and blendable for about a minute, after which they set and remain budgeproof throughout the day even on my notoriously difficult lids!  On the other hand, removal is a breeze… just gently rinse off with soap!

Chanel Stylo Eyeshadow Laurier Rose Campanule

It was hard to pick 2 out of the 5, but I eventually went with Laurier Rose and Campanule because I am completely sold on the gleaming lids look this summer, and of course I am always #teampurple.

Chanel Stylo Eyeshadow Laurier Rose swatches

Left: single swipe; Right: blended out

Chanel Laurier Rose Stylo Eyeshadow is a medium peach copper with some salmon pink shimmers and a strong metallic sheen. It is easy to blend out though, and has a lovely brightening effect on my eyes. It applied evenly with full intensity, and wore well throughout the day.

Chanel Stylo Eyeshadow Laurier Rose EOTD

And here is the full look in context… you had already seen this yesterday in my review of Chanel Lumiere D’Ete:

Chanel Lumiere D'Ete Illuminating Powder lotd

And next, I have Campanule…

Chanel Stylo Eyeshadow Campanule swatches

Left: single swipe; Right: blended out

Chanel Campanule Stylo Eyeshadow is a medium-dark purple with gorgeous silver and lilac shimmers. Compared to Laurier Rose, Campanule is much less metallic in finish, and tended to be less intense when swiped. However, I actually appreciate this ability to start out lightly given how striking the color can be. The way I would wear it is first swipe it all over my mobile lids, blend it out with a fluffy brush, and then go over again keeping close to just my lash area and blend upwards. I was able to achieve the intensity in the eye look below in just 2 layers.

Chanel Stylo Eyeshadow Campanule EOTD

And again, the full look in context:

I love the ability to just swipe and go, and knowing I look good throughout the day without any creasing / fading / fallouts. These are slightly pricey at SGD51 for 1.5gm of product, but if you consider how rare it is to find such bold colors from Chanel eye makeup (plus they are limited edition!), these are real collectible treasures! For my oily, hooded lids, these stylo eyeshadows last longest amongst all the stick-types out there.  Personally, I also find the flattened tips very convenient if you’d like to just pick up with a brush and dab over another powder or cream product to create a different look (just in case you’re worried swiping the stylo directly on the lids will tamper with your makeup!). I also use the thin edge along the sides to line my lower lash line (do stay out of the waterline though!) for a different look!

You may want to check out Sara’s post for full swatches of all 5 Stylo Eyeshadows, and Sunny has a couple of full-on Chanel looks featuring Campanule and Caroube here.

Now tell me, do you have a favorite stick eyeshadow formula to share?

This post featured products that were kindly sent to me by Chanel Singapore for my consideration.  Regardless, all views expressed here are my own honest, unbiased opinions.

xo Linda

12 responses to “All Eyes on Chanel Collection Méditerranée Stylo Eyeshadows!”

  1. Nailz Craze says:

    These stylo shadows look fabulous!

  2. Tirurit says:

    That lavander looks specially gorgeous on you!

  3. Hi Linda,
    both shades look lovely on you. I am wearing Laurier Rose today. It doesn’t work as a single shade on me though, I need some definition on the crease and highlight on the inner corner. It is great to hear that it holds up on you without creasing. And I agree Lily, that liner!!!
    PS. Thanks for link love :-*

    • silverkis says:

      Oh i’m sure i can do better with a crease and definition shade when wearing Laurier Rose… i’m just lazy. And also, my eye area isn’t so large, so a defined black liner works.

  4. Lily says:

    I love both shades on you, Linda. And your liquid liner action – on point!

  5. Hey Linda, thanks so much for the link love! I love both shades on you! Campanule is such a unique shade. Although it requires careful application (for me), it’s really not that fussy at all 🙂

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